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The “Start Here” page on The Pursuit Newsletter website was specifically designed to add an immense amount of value to every single individual who visited our website for the very first timeRegardless of what their previous knowledge or experience level was with a newsletter business.

By setting up and formatting the “Start Here” page, in a way that speaks to each type of individual visiting our website with different “levels of knowledge” about the newsletter business industry, we believe that we have effectively accomplished our goal in providing value to each visitor for many years to come as a publishing company.

Providing value to brand new visitors, regardless of their current experience level or knowledge with a newsletter business, is of the utmost important to us.

Knowing how the “Start Here” page will grow and evolve over time, and given everything that we have completed up to this point on our website…

It is exciting for us to continue focusing on doing the valuable work that needs to be done for those in the newsletter business industry who are committed to creating long term success with their newsletter businesses.

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