The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #9

Thursday, December 7, 2023

The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #9

Hello Fellow Newsletter Business Owner,

Welcome to The 9th Issue of The Pursuit Newsletter!

If you are a a subscriber who has received one of our newsletters in the past…

You already know that we as a team are focused and committed to helping you start, build, launch, grow, monetize and scale your newsletter business into a successful media company that thrives.

So if you are new to our community, welcome!

Because of our commitment to you and your future success…

We will always include important pieces of news at the beginning of every one of our newsletters that will directly impact your experience as a subscriber to our newsletter.

So with that said…

Below are the key news items that we need to share with you about everything going on in and around The Pursuit Newsletter as a company.

News Item #1: More Great Changes Are Coming To Our Platform

Details: One question we constantly ask ourselves is “How can we make our newsletter (and website) better for the audience we are serving?” The team recently came up with some amazing ideas that will be implemented into our newsletter (and website) very soon from asking themselves that question!

What This Means For You: New updates will be rolled out across our website and newsletter over the next 6 weeks, and we look forward to your feedback about them!

News Item #2: A New Page Was Added To Our Website Today

Details: In previous newsletter issues, we had a list of “reminders” at the beginning of the first section of our newsletter (for current and new subscribers). We decided to change the way this looks entirely in today’s newsletter to make things better for you now and in the future.

What This Means For You: This one change improves the reading experience for current subscribers while still ensuring that brand new subscribers get what they need at the beginning of their relationship with us over the long-run.

News Item #3: Social Media Content And Engagement

Details: If you read our previous newsletter, you found out that we are beginning to focus on using our YouTube channel to grow The Pursuit Newsletter website and subscriber list. We have also ramped up the publishing of content on our other social media properties as well. We will be working on creating more great content for you on those other platforms soon!

What This Means For You: If you are not connected with us on our other social media pages, and you need the direct links to those profiles, please reply to this newsletter email to let us know so we can get you the links.

News Item #4: We As A Team Are Always Listening

Details: It should be no surprise to you that we as a company are committed to listening to what you need as a subscriber of ours, and doing everything in our power to deliver it to you in the best way possible, so that you achieve the results that you are seeking.

What This Means For You: If you have anything that you want to tell us, or if you would like to offer a suggestion, please reply to this email and let us know!

Ok, it’s time to get to work!

Enjoy the rest of the newsletter, and we will see you in two weeks from now!

The Pursuit Newsletter Team

Table Of Contents For The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #9

1. Important Info For Brand New Subscribers

2. Rapid Fire Newsletter Business Building Tip

3. Question of The Day

4. Need More Subscribers? Read This Section!

5. Leveraging YouTube To Grow Your Newsletter

6. Final Reminders From The Team

Section: Important Info For Brand New Subscribers

“Is this your first time reading the The Pursuit Newsletter?”

After you click the link above, you will be directed to a very important page on our website that will provide you with essential information that you need to know as a brand new subscriber of ours.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to serving you!

The Pursuit Newsletter Team

Section: Rapid Fire Newsletter Business Building Tip

Every week we will include one actionable newsletter business building tip in this section. This “Rapid Fire Tip” will always have a direct impact on your business. After you execute the idea, let us know what happened by replying to this email. We want to make sure that we are helping you grow with everything we produce and publish!

Tip: Leverage LinkedIn To Post Content, Connect & Grow

If you are a newsletter business owner (without a LinkedIn profile to manage your professional network), you are leaving a ton of money, traffic and subscribers on the table.

Over the last few weeks…

The Pursuit Newsletter team has been experimenting with using LinkedIn to connect with other professionals in our niche, and to grow our organic website traffic (by making posts to our personal profiles).

Given everything we have seen from our initial set of tests, we couldn’t be more impressed with the engagement (and traffic) that has been sent to our site over the last three weeks.

With all the data that has been generated, we have created new systems and processes in our organization to implement and execute a smart marketing strategy inside the platform for our newsletter business website.

Over the next 6-12 months, we will keep you up to date about how things are continuing to grow for us using LinkedIn.

Here is what surprised us about LinkedIn…

What is interesting about the LinkedIn social media site is how the platform takes the content you post to your profile, and how distributes it not only to your personal network, but to other places in and around the site as well.

It appears that the algorithm shares the content you post with other people that may be interested in the same type of content as well (even if they aren’t directly connected to you).

So the bottom line is…

In the near future, the team here at The Pursuit Newsletter plans on creating new content for you to help you use LinkedIn in the best way possible.

We look forward to creating this content for you in the future, and are interested in hearing from you about this platform as a site to leverage!

Section: Question Of The Day

If you are inspired to answer the question of the day, hit reply on this email. As a team, we look forward to reading what you send us. If you don’t want us to publish your answer in a future issue, please let us know when you send us your reply.

Question Of The Day

What is one tip you can give to brand new newsletter business owners?

Example Answer: “When I first got started building my newsletter business (fill in the blank), and/but then (fill in the blank). My tip for brand new newsletter business owners is (fill in the blank).

Section: Need More Subscribers? Read This Section!

Every week we will include one actionable tip, strategy or method that will directly impact the growth of your newsletter subscriber list. Helping you effectively grow your newsletter subscriber list is important to us, which is why we will always include this section in every single newsletter issue!

Execute This: Leverage Win/Win Relationships To Grow The Size Of Your Newsletter Subscriber List

One way to go about growing your newsletter subscriber list involves executing what is normally called a “newsletter swap” in the email marketing world.

If you don’t know what a newsletter swap is…

It is where you find someone with a similar size email list as yours, and you cross-promote each other to both of your email lists in a “win/win” way…that makes sense, (and adds value) to each audience.

This strategy doesn’t only work in the “email marketing” world, but also works in the “newsletter business” world as well.

Here is how you need to think about executing this strategy…

Once you start gaining some traction with your newsletter list, then it is time to start seeking out valuable relationships with other newsletter business owners in the same niche as you to build a win/win relationship with.

When you feel like it is appropriate to ask your new business friend to do a cross-promo campaign (to help the both of you to grow your newsletter lists), that will be the beginning where growth can really start taking off for you.

Obviously this strategy will only be applicable to you during a specific period of time as a newsletter business owner, but it definitely should be a part of the journey (and your plan) as you continually build your newsletter list over the lifetime of your newsletter business (and media company).

Section: Leveraging YouTube To Grow Your Newsletter

Every week (until further notice) we will be including this section in our newsletter to help you start, build, grow, and manage a YouTube channel for your newsletter business. Each week, you can count on getting effective tips and strategies to execute that will help you grow an amazing YouTube channel that supercharges the growth of your newsletter business.

In our previous newsletter, we began talking about the concept of using a “playlist” strategy for your YouTube channel, and how it would be the best way to get started on YouTube to help you grow your newsletter.

Taking this concept one step further, we highlighted that there were two types of “playlists” you need to be thinking about creating content for.

“Type 1” Playlists: Internal Videos That Add Value To Channel Visitors

“Type 2” Playlists: Videos That Attract The Right People In Your Niche

Last week’s newsletter was about “Type 1” playlists, so in this weeks newsletter we will cover and tackle “Type 2” playlists.

The one thing you have to know and understand about “Type 2” playlists on your YouTube channel is that…

Content created for these “Type 2” playlists should be created with the intention that it will be found by someone in your market who doesn’t already know you.

After this person (who doesn’t already know you) finds the content you created inside of a “Type 2” playlist…

You want them to be more inclined to dig deeper into everything else that you have created, because the first thing they saw from you helped them with their current problem or challenge that they were faced with.

Here is the list of “Type 2” playlists that we will create for our channel.

This list below is in no particular order.

We are always revising/finalizing this list as more ideas surface over time to connect and speak with our market on the internet via YouTube videos.

“Type 2” Playlists Examples For Our YouTube Channel

Playlist #1 - “FAQ’s About A Newsletter Business”

Every video in this playlist will address one question that we know our market is asking right now given where they are on their journey.

Playlist #2 - A Series On “What Is A Newsletter Business?”

Every video in this playlist directly addresses the one question via multiple different videos…where the viewer should watch the first video before the second video, and where the viewer should watch the second video before watching the third video (and so on).

Playlist #3 - “Growing Your Newsletter Business”

Every video in this playlist will address everything having to do with growing a newsletter business using the “keywords” and “phrases” that we know our market is typing into YouTube or Google’s search box.

The small list above is a sampling of the type of playlists that fall into the “Type 2” playlist bucket.


There is definitely not a “one size fits all” situation here when it comes to you creating your “Type 2” playlists on your YouTube channel, but we have put this small list here to get you to start thinking about your “Type 2 Playlist Strategy” for your YouTube channel.

The key is this…

Make sure that when you create content for a specific “Type 2” playlists on your channel, that it is content thats created for people who will most likely find it via a (1) YouTube search (2) YouTube recommended video or (3) Google search.


Getting this kind of traffic to your YouTube videos, and then driving them over to your website to sign up for your newsletter takes time.

But the moment you master the generation of traffic from YouTube into the homepage of your website, the flow of traffic and new subscribers never stops!

So we have a question for you…

Would getting that result be worth it for you to put the time in now with your newsletter business to experience these kind of amazing “traffic” and “subscriber getting” benefits later?

We think so too!

Now it is action-taking time!

Go make this happen for your newsletter, and then be ready for the next newsletter when we provide you the next piece to this YouTube puzzle for your newsletter business!

Section: Final Reminders From The Team

Every week, we will always close out our newsletter with the “final reminders” that we want to make sure you are aware of as a member of our community. The reminders in this section will change on a more frequent basis, and should never be “skipped over” due to the kind of content we plan on including in this section in the future.

Final Reminders For Newsletter Issue #9

Final Reminder #1: Thursday December 21, 2023 is when the next issue of The Pursuit Newsletter Will Be Sent - Make sure to set up a calendar reminder!

Final Reminder #2: We are still currently seeking a founding advertiser for The Pursuit Newsletter. This advertiser will get special privileges that won’t be given to any other advertiser in the future. Click Here, and scroll down to the “P.S. Section” at the bottom of the page for details.

Final Reminder #3: If you have any issues implementing or executing anything in our newsletter today, please let us know. We are here to help you create success.

Final Reminder #4: If you need a direct link to the previous issue of The Pursuit Newsletter click here.

Final Reminder #5: Again…if you are a brand new subscriber, and are just getting started in this business, make sure you click here to start your journey with us. You won’t regret it, we promise!

See You In The Next Issue,
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

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