What is an Online Newsletter Business?

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“What is an online newsletter business?”

There are a few ways to answer this question, but the answers you receive will ultimately come down to…

  1. WHO: Who is the person you are asking? (What are they currently doing for work?)

  2. WHAT: What is the person’s background? (How have they used newsletters in their past?)

So let’s dig in a little deeper to discover how the question, “What is an online newsletter business” is answered.

Employees of a Big Company

#1 - The “Big Company” Employee Answer

When you ask the employee of a big company, “What is an online newsletter business?”

They will most likely respond like this…

“An online newsletter business is something that we will start as a company if we want to create an easy way for us to speak to our current customer list…”

Or you will hear them say…

“We will execute a newsletter business if we want to speak to a list of leads that our big company generated for us in the past (via collecting emails in an email list for a specific purpose).”

This is the process they normally follow…

“We start the newsletter business by putting all of those email addresses into an email marketing or newsletter software program.”

“The next step is to then spend time creating and sending emails to this email list over time about certain products and/or services that we believe they will have an interest in learning about.”

“Our main goal with a newsletter business that is set up like this in our business is to generate revenue for the company on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.”

As you can see from the “Big Company Employee’s” response…

The “Big Company Employee” thinks about an online newsletter business in this context.

Step 1 - Get Access to List Of Emails Collected with Permission

Step 2 - Setup the List of Emails in a Newsletter Sending Program

Step 3 - Create Exposure for Products/Services via Emails

Step 4 - Generate Business and Revenue

GOAL: Communicate with a current list of customers (and/or leads) that they believe will be interested in current (and/or future) products and services.

Small Business

#2 - The “Small Business Owner” Answer

When you ask the small business owner, “What is an online newsletter business?”

They will most likely respond like this…

“An online newsletter business is something that we do as a small business, to generate revenue.”

This is the process they normally follow…

“We first focus on generating an opt-in email list full of people that have a specific set of needs that we know our business can help them solve.”

“We first setup the lead capture page, and then send targeted traffic (visitors) into that page via multiple different ways and methods available to us.”

“On that sign up page (also known as an opt-in page, capture page, and/or squeeze page), it allows the new visitor to do one of two things.”

“The visitor will either be able to…”

  1. Sign up to receive a ‘free giveaway’ by providing us their email address

  2. Fill out an ‘interest form’ with their name, email and phone number for a specific product we are marketing at the time

“We can also email these leads in the future whenever we believe it makes sense to notify them about a new product or service that we believe will be relevant and interesting to them.”

As you can see from the “Small Business Owner’s” response…

The “Small Business Owner” thinks about using an online newsletter business model in this context.

Step 1 - Setup a Specific Lead Capture Page Targeting a Need

Step 2 - Drive Targeted Traffic to That Page to Capture Leads

Step 3 - Contact and Reach Out to Leads to Generate Revenue

Step 4 - Follow Up with Email List in Future to Generate More Revenue

GOAL: Create a lead generation system inside their business that creates revenue for the company over the long run.

Online Newsletter Business Owner

#3 - The “Online Newsletter Business Owner” Answer

When you ask the online newsletter business owner, “What is an online newsletter business?”

They will most likely respond like this…

“An online newsletter business is a very simple business.”

“Here is what I do…”

“I first focus on building an opt-in email list of people around a ‘like interest’ that I know they have (e.g. Classic Cars).”

“As this email list is created, built and grown over time, I also invest my time into creating and sending them ‘online newsletters’ via my newsletter sending software system.”

“Every online email newsletter I create for my online newsletter business is sent to the entire list on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule that makes sense (depending on the topic I choose to build the newsletter around.)”

“The specific content in every email newsletter is content that I know the online newsletter list will be interested in reading, watching, and/or consuming.”

“When these specific individuals in the online newsletter list initially subscribe to the newsletter list, they know what to expect from me going forward, and look forward to every future email I send them.”

“In the beginning, my newsletter subscriber list starts out with 0 subscribers, but over time as I focus on driving more targeted website traffic to my newsletter sign up page, new subscribers will add themselves to the list automatically.”

“Over time, after specific subscribers consume a certain number of email newsletters, they may even choose to refer my newsletter sign up page to others in their personal network…given the value that the newsletter provides them.”

Opt-In Email List Analytics

“Eventually, the opt-in email list for the online newsletter will grow to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of subscribers (depending on the topic I choose at the beginning) as I allocate more time to building the newsletter subscriber list over time”

“Keep in mind that…”

“As I proactively focus on building the opt-in newsletter subscriber list on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, the current set of email subscribers that have already signed up for the newsletter are STILL continually getting the content I send them via the newsletter emails.”

“These two “revenue driving” activities run in ‘parallel’ at all times no matter how big the newsletter list is…”

Key Revenue Driving Activities for Online Newsletter Business Owners

#1 - Drive traffic to newsletter sign up page using free and paid methods

#2 - Create and send newsletter content to the subscriber list

“I always focus on building the online newsletter subscriber list bigger, while also serving the current set of subscribers with the newsletter content they signed up to receive via email.”

“The process never ends.”

“You see…”

“My “End Goal” is simple…”

“My goal is to get my online newsletter business to the point where…”

  1. Organic growth of the subscriber base takes over and happens automatically because of the authority I have built in my selected niche

  2. The market continues to “market” my newsletter to their friends and colleagues via word of mouth (forever)

“That is when you hit the ‘Online Newsletter Business Marketing Jackpot’…”

“The best part about getting this specific result to happen is that it allows you to focus even more attention on building valuable content for the newsletter list while serving the subscribers in the best way possible.”

“Now it is time to talk about monetizing my newsletter business, so I can make it worth my while."

“When the online newsletter subscriber list gets big enough (between 5,000-10,000 online newsletter subscribers), I will then have the ability to sell advertising space to advertisers in every email newsletter via multiple different ad placements.”

“I can also sell display ads on my newsletter business website if that makes sense for the advertisers too.”

“The moment I am able to sell advertising space to companies who are marketing and selling relevant products to the specific types of people in my newsletter list, it then allows me to scale up the revenue for the business over time.”

Monetizing an Online Newsletter Business is Exciting

“Eventually, my online newsletter subscriber list will get big enough, where multiple advertisers will be buying ads in every single newsletter I send.”

“Getting to this point will allow me to generate thousands, tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue every single month for my newsletter business.”

“When the online newsletter business itself gets to the point of generating between $50,000 to $100,000 or more in monthly revenue, there will be specific ‘buyers of newsletter businesses’ in the marketplace who may have an interest in buying my online newsletter business from me.”

“I don’t have to sell my newsletter business to any entity if I don’t want to, but it is important to be aware of the fact that the business will get to a point where getting offers to buy the business will happen (because the audience is valuable to the buyer over the long run of their business).”

“The outcome where someone wants to buy my online newsletter business is the ultimate end goal for most online newsletter business owners (me included), but again that choice is ultimately up to you.”


“Assuming that I sell my specific newsletter business to the right buyer, I will then start another online newsletter business in a different niche.”

“At that point I will follow the same process I just outlined…again to create the same or similar result.”

“The process never ends!”

“The skillset I must have to build a successful online newsletter business is the same, and will never change.”

“The only thing that may change over time will be how I drive traffic into my online newsletter business’s sign up page to build the email newsletter list that advertisers will want to reach in the future.”

Digital Marketing Traffic Driving Tactics Are Always Changing

“Traffic tactics, especially in the online world, are always changing, and things that worked a few years ago to generate good quality traffic (and new online newsletter subscribers), don’t work as well as they once did.”

“In the big scope of things, the bottom line is this…”

“When I can identify a specific market that would be interested in signing up for a daily/weekly/monthly online email newsletter (that would be interesting and relevant to them)…”


When I know that there are specific companies who would want to buy advertising space in that specific newsletter to reach that niche market via newsletter advertising (and/or potentially buy the online newsletter business altogether from me in the future)…”

“It is the perfect opportunity to pursue the creation of that new online newsletter business in that specific niche around that specific topic.”

“The process of creating and selling a newsletter business never ends for me!”

“I will always enjoy creating and selling newsletter businesses every single time, especially when I am able to “exit” each newsletter business for a nice 7 or 8 figure number…”

“I mean, who wouldn’t right?!” 😃 

As you can see from the “Online Newsletter Business Owner’s” response…

The “Online Newsletter Business Owner” thinks about their online newsletter business in the context of running it like a media company.

The bigger the newsletter subscriber list grows, the more money the newsletter business owner is able to charge advertisers to place ads in each newsletter as they scale everything up.

The activity of building the online newsletter subscriber list, and providing advertising space to purchase in each online newsletter creates a win/win relationship between the newsletter business owner, and advertisers who want to reach the audience on a continual basis.

Eventually, the online newsletter business owner will want to sell the business (if they want to), and will most likely find the right buyer to make it happen.

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