What Is Really Possible With A Newsletter Business?

Read this if you need help understanding what is really possible with a newsletter business, and how it could work for you.

Do You Really Know What Is Possible With A Newsletter Business? Read This.

Have you ever taken the time to consider what is truly possible if you decide to start, grow, and scale a newsletter business into a successful venture?

Here is the one fact you must know before you read the rest of this article:

A Newsletter Business Is Built On A “Simple” Business Model That Can Grow Into A Massive Success - If You Want It To…

We here at The Pursuit Newsletter want to drive this point home…

The Point: Even though the newsletter business model is a “simple” business model to understand and work with, don’t make the common mistake that most people make where they think that the “simplicity” of this type of business model itself will put a “cap” on the top line revenue and bottom line profit potential.

Key Reminder: Newsletter businesses can become a massive influence in a specific niche relatively quickly if things are executed strategically from the beginning.

The amount of influence a specific newsletter business has (at any given time) is directly correlated to the amount of revenue and profit the newsletter business will make on a consistent basis.

At the end of the day…

It is important to remember that influence, in and of itself, is something that can always be monetized.

The Bottom Line: When you have advertisers who want to leverage the influence a newsletter business has, so they can build and grow their own personal brands and/or companies, you have a winning combination in front of you to create massive success!

In this article, it will show you what is really possible with a newsletter business.

It will also break down the specific variables that influence every newsletter business, and will guide you down the path to getting your newsletter business started on the right foot (in alignment with the outcome you are pursuing with your business).

So before you dive into this article…

Make sure you have taken the time to read our most recent article that explains what a newsletter business is via a “quick and easy” answer format. This article (linked below) will create a solid foundation for your understanding of this business before you dive into this post.

Now that you have that finished reading that post, it is now time to dive in, and discover what is truly possible for you as a newsletter business owner.

The 7 Variables That Influence What Is Possible For Your Newsletter Business

For you to understand what is possible for a newsletter business, you must first understand the specific variables that will influence the business.

Newsletter Business Variable #1: Access To Newsletter Content You Create

Option #1 Free Newsletter: Will you always plan on having your newsletter be free to sign up for?

Option #2 Paid Newsletter: Will your newsletter only be for paying subscribers?

Option #3 Both Free+Paid: Will you have a newsletter business that has both a free newsletter, and a premium subscription? The free content will always be free, but subscribers will have the option to “upgrade” their subscription as a paying customer at any time. This gives them access to more content that can help them on the topic that your newsletter is about.

The Pursuit Newsletter’s Opinion: It is always best to have a free version in the beginning of your newsletter business, and then as you continue getting feedback from your subscriber base, you can decide to “add on” a paid subscription at an appropriate time.

Newsletter Business Variable #2: Number of Newsletters and Brands For The Business

Option #1 One Newsletter Under One Brand: Will you choose to only create one newsletter brand under one domain?

Option #2 Multiple Newsletters Under One Brand: Will you choose to make multiple newsletter brands under one big publishing brand name?

The Pursuit Newsletter’s Opinion: Make life easy for yourself. Start one newsletter under one brand with only one domain name. If it makes sense to scale up the newsletter business in the future by creating a new publishing company with other newsletters under the new or current brand then get it done!

Newsletter Business Variable #3: Location Of Ad Impressions Advertisers Can Purchase

Option #1 Sell Ads Only In The Email Newsletter: Will you only sell ads in the email newsletter?

Option #2 Sell Ads Only On The Newsletter Business Website: Will you only sell ads on the newsletter business website?

Option #3 Sell Ads In Both The Email Newsletter and The Newsletter’s Site: Will you sell ads in the email newsletter, and on the newsletter business’s site?

The Pursuit Newsletter’s Opinion: Start by selling ads to advertisers in the email newsletter first after you cross 5000 subscribers, and then scale your “ad impression inventory” up later by giving advertisers more advertising options on the website. When you open up the website as a space to advertise, you will also be able to sell special advertising packages to each advertiser over the long run.

Newsletter Business Variable #4: Products For Sale In The Business That Create Revenue For The Company

Option #1 Sell Specific Products To Subscribers: Will you sometimes sell specific and relevant products to your subscriber list to generate revenue?

Option #2 Only Focus On Selling Ad Space To Advertisers: Will you only focus on selling ad space to advertisers to generate revenue?

Option #3 Sell Specific Products and Ad Space To Advertisers: Will you choose to sell products to the list, and also sell ad space to advertisers to generate revenue?

The Pursuit Newsletter’s Opinion: Start by focusing on selling ads in the newsletter first to start generating revenue for the company. If it gets to the point where it makes sense to start selling specific products to the newsletter list, then start scaling that up. You want to keep your subscribers in mind throughout this entire process.

Newsletter Business Variable #5: The Types Of Products You Sell To The Subscriber List (If You Choose To Open Up This Revenue Stream)

Option #1 Sell Only Products You Create: Will you only sell products that you personally create for your newsletter list?

Option #2 Sell Only Affiliate Products: Will you only sell products to your newsletter list as an affiliate?

Option #3 Sell Products You Create and Sell Affiliate Products: Will you plan on selling both types of products (personally created products + products that will pay you an affiliate commission)?

The Pursuit Newsletter’s Opinion: Most newsletter businesses start as a media company that sells ad space to advertisers. When it comes to choosing the “type” of products you want to sell to your newsletter list (if you choose to go down this route), you shouldn’t address this variable until you have a sizable list (Between 5000-10,000+ subscribers). For now, just keep this variable in mind as you start your business, and revisit it later after you have addressed the feedback you get from your newsletter subscriber list.

Newsletter Business Variable #6: Always Stay Private or Go Public As A Company In The Future

Always Stay A Private Company: Will you always stay a private company as a business that continues to grow?

Go Publish As A Business In The Future: Will you plan on going public in the future, and have stock to sell investors on the open market?

The Pursuit Newsletter’s Opinion: Just like business variable #6, this will be a conversation to have later, but it is still important to consider in the beginning as it may influence specific choices you make when filing your legal paperwork for the business.

Newsletter Business Variable #7: Exiting The Business

Eventually Sell The Business To Another Entity: Do you plan on growing your newsletter business to a point where a future entity will want to come by and buy it from you for a nice 7 or 8 figure number?

Never Sell The Business To Another Entity: Do you plan on “dying with this business,” where you will never consider any offers to sell it in the future?

The Pursuit Newsletter’s Opinion: Most of the newsletter business stories that you read in the media talk about how the newsletter business itself was built and eventually sold for millions, or multiple millions of dollars. Regardless of what you want from your business, the choice to sell as some point in the future will ultimately be up to you.

“Ok…I Now Understand The Variables That Influence What Is Possible For My Business Over The Long Run…Now What?!”

This is the point in the “newsletter business building process” where you get to create your business exactly how you want it to be from the beginning.

So with that being said…

We recommend that you take the time right now to go down the list of variables we just covered to answer these direct questions for yourself.

When you have a focused direction and path you want to follow nailed down, and you know in your heart this is where you want to take this business over the long run, it will always be easy for you to make the important choices in the future when they present themselves.

Please keep this in mind as you make these important choices for your business…

There is no “One-Size-Fits-All” answer to the question…

“How should I set up my newsletter business?”

Remember: Every newsletter business owner is different, and wants different things from their business.

The Key: Build a newsletter business that aligns with what you want your newsletter business to grow into over the long run.

Below is ONE POSSIBLE PATH that a newsletter business owner can take in the future based on the specific variables covered in this article.

Step 1: Start a free newsletter in a specific niche with a newsletter business website that also creates blog content that is free and accessible to the market (written blog content helps the newsletter business owner grow his newsletter list when targeted traffic is driven into it).

Step 2: Focus on growing the newsletter list, while continually delivering the newsletter content to the list of subscribers on a consistent basis (continue publishing at least one blog post per week and actively drive targeted traffic into it).

Step 3: Get the newsletter list to at least 5000+ subscribers, and begin selling ads in the email newsletter.

Step 4: Grow the newsletter list to 1,000,000+ subscribers over time where there is a 20% open rate for the email in a 24 hour period. Get the business to generating at least $300,000/month in advertising revenue.

Step 5: Sell the newsletter business to an interested buyer who wants to buy the entire business and database for $18,000,000 (5x yearly revenue assuming $300,000/month being generated).

We as a team want to stress to you that the example above is only ONE PATH TO CHOOSE FROM. There are multiple ways to build a successful newsletter, which will ultimately fall onto your shoulders.

Most people who are subscribed to The Pursuit Newsletter most likely want to follow the path outlined above given the specific media stories they have seen covered about specific newsletter businesses that reached this milestone.

But with that being said…

If you want to follow a different path with your newsletter business, that is OK too.

We want to focus on serving all types of newsletter business owners in the best way we can no matter what specific newsletter business outcome they want to personally pursue.

At the end of the day…

You get to choose the path you want to take as a newsletter business owner, which is really the best part.

Now it is time to do the work that needs to be done, so you can get started on making your newsletter business dreams a reality.

Get out a pen and paper, and write down the specific choices you want to make right now before you begin the process of taking action on your newsletter business dreams.

We hope that this article painted the best possible picture for you to understand what is really possible for you as a newsletter business owner in the future!

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