Buying A Newsletter Domain Name - 5 Things To Figure Out

Read this if you need help making decisions when buying the domain name URL for your newsletter business.

A Great Domain Name Will Make Your Newsletter Stand Out

When it comes to buying a domain name for your newsletter business, there are at least 5 things you need to consider before making this very important decision.

Before you buy your newsletter business’s domain name, you want to make sure that you have already…

  1. Completed the first 5 things every newsletter business owner must do if they are serious about building a successful newsletter business

  2. Finished all the work that needs to be done to create a memorable newsletter business name that makes sense for the future of your company

By considering each one of these important questions below, and by doing the work that needs to be done, you will be able to confidently make the best possible decision when it comes to choosing a domain name for your newsletter business.

Table Of Contents

#1 Do I Plan on Building One Newsletter Only, or Multiple Newsletters Under the Same Brand?

#2 Should I Put the Word “Newsletter” in the Domain Name?

#3 Should I Buy a (.com), (.net), or (.co) Domain Name?

#4 Should I Buy Variations of the Domain Name to Protect the Future of My Business?

#5 Should I Renew My Business’s Domain Every Year?

Will You Only Build One Newsletter Business, or Multiple Under One Brand?

#1 Do I Plan on Building One Newsletter Only, or Multiple Newsletters Under the Same Brand?

When starting your newsletter business, you have to think about what you want things to look like in the future after you have reached a level of success that you are happy with.

Do you see yourself having one successful newsletter under one brand, or multiple different newsletters under the same brand?

The main reason why you want to think about this question right now is because there is a possibility that the name you have chosen for your newsletter business can scale into other types of newsletters in the future (if you choose to take action on that).

For example…

Let’s assume that you decide on the name “The Reach Your Goals Newsletter” for your first newsletter business.

You also decide that the content for this newsletter will be all about personal growth and self development (in a general sense that caters to everyone who can read your newsletter and website).

Here is where you can take things one step further in the future after your first newsletter reaches the level of success you desire.

Later on you have the option to create another newsletter inside the context of the same brand with the same root name, but have something added onto it that further defines who the newsletter is for.

This is how it would look in this example:

  1. Newsletter #1: The Reach Your Goals Newsletter

  2. Newsletter #2: The Reach Your Goals Newsletter - For Day Traders

  3. Newsletter #3: The Reach Your Goals Newsletter - For Online Creators

  4. Etc. Etc. Etc.

You want to make sure that you set things up correctly in the beginning, so that if you want to follow this “scaled publishing model” in the future, it will be easy for you to execute on given the domain that you initially purchase.

The key here is flexibility, and making a decision now that will allow you to scale in this way later (if you choose to).

It is not necessary for you to scale into creating more newsletters under the same brand, but it is smart to set things up from the start that will allow you to easily do it without any issues later.

There are many ways to handle this specific challenge in the future when it matters, but take the time to think about this right now before making your first domain purchase.

Will Your Target Audience Use “Newsletter” in Their Online Searches?

#2 Should I Put the Word “Newsletter” in the Domain Name?

Choosing to include the word “newsletter” in the domain name is a personal preference for you depending on the name of the newsletter and the audience you are serving.

Depending on the market your newsletter serves, and what you believe they will expect from you in the future, will ultimately influence what you decide.

One thing to consider when it comes to including the word “newsletter” in the domain name or not involves thinking about search engine optimization (SEO) and driving traffic into your entire site.

When taking SEO into account for your newsletter business, do you believe that people in your market will search for your newsletter by putting your “brand name + newsletter” in the search box to find you, or do you believe they will leave it out?

Depending on how you choose to market your newsletter will depend what your answer is to that specific question!

We here at The Pursuit Newsletter chose to put the word “newsletter” in our domain name because of the SEO value of doing so.

When people hear about our newsletter in any of the marketing that we do, we want individuals to be able to quickly and easily find us when they search online for our newsletter signup page.

Again we want to stress to you…

Given the brand name of your newsletter, sometimes it makes sense to put the “newsletter” word in the domain name while other times it doesn’t. Do whatever research you believe is appropriate to do before coming to a decision for your business.

What Will Your Newsletter Business URL Look Like in The End?

#3 Should I Buy a (.com), (.net), or (.co) Domain Name?

Depending on how you want to scale your newsletter business, and/or what your personal preference is, there are a couple good rules to follow here.

  • Rule #1 - If you can get the (.com) for your domain name buy it (with or without the word “newsletter” in it).

  • Rule #2 - If you choose to have multiple newsletters under the same brand in the future, consider where you want the “home base domain name” to be for a future visitor, and how you will drive them to the right location that they are looking for if they want to engage with your other newsletter brands under the same newsletter brand name like we illustrated in the section above. (For this rule, we suggest getting a (.co) domain name (for the main website) that then drives people to each individual newsletter domain that fits under the same brand name).

Getting clear about the vision you have for your newsletter business, and how your marketing choices will influence the growth of your newsletter business on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis…

Will be what ultimately will influence the choice you make here for the “type” of domain you end up choosing when you start.

“Domain Variations” Are Like “Different Flavors” of The Same Candy

#4 Should I Buy Variations of My Domain Name to Protect the Future of My Business?

Initially when you get started, it makes sense to only buy the main domain that you plan to build everything on.

As things continue to grow, considering other domain variations that you can also buy will become relevant in time.

If you feel the need to buy the (.com) and (.net) domain up front to protect you from having others steal it, go ahead and buy both right now out of the gate.

Making this business decision right now is ultimately up to you depending on how big you believe your newsletter business will become, and how fast it will get there.

On the Internet “Recurring Billing” is Always Available

#5 Should I Renew My Business’s Domain Every Year?

With most companies who sell domain names, they give you the option to be able to renew your domain name once per year or once every 2, 3, 4 and/or 5 years.

Here at The Pursuit Newsletter, we recommend that you start out with a yearly renewal (with auto-renew turned on) for your domains.

In the future, if it makes sense to renew your domain(s) every 2, 3, 4 and/or 5 years at a time after the first year (because you will get a discount for doing so), then go right ahead!

This is your business, and you have the right to make this choice whenever you want to.

Sometimes when people purchase their first domain name, this step about renewing their domain always trips them up, but please don’t let it!

Simple is always better starting out, and then as things evolve with your newsletter business, choosing to add complexity where it makes sense will be up to you.

If you are ready to take action on buying the first domain name for your newsletter business, now is the time to choose the company and get it done!

If you need help finding a reputable company to purchase your domain name from, a simple internet search for “buy a domain name” will provide you multiple different companies to choose from.

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