The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #1

Sunday, September 3, 2023

The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #1

Hello Fellow Newsletter Business Owner,

Welcome to The 1st Issue of The Pursuit Newsletter!

We are excited that you are here, and look forward to helping you create the newsletter business success that we know is possible for you.

Please make sure that you read everything below, so that you will understand what the The Pursuit Newsletter is, and how it will add value to your life as a newsletter business owner now, and in the future.

SPECIAL NOTE: The format we are using for this specific newsletter issue will not be the same format for newsletter #2, #3, #4, etc.

You will see what we mean when you click the link below to read the 2nd issue of “The Pursuit Newsletter” on the website.

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Make Sure You Do This As Well With Newsletter Issue #2…

Why Reading Newsletter Issue #2 Is A Smart Move…

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3 Details To Understand Before You Read Newsletter #2

Newsletter #2 Is Available Now, But Pay Attention To These 3 Details!

KEY: There are 3 key details you must understand about The Pursuit Newsletter website and email newsletter. Don’t mess this up, or forget about these 3 important details!

1. Details For All Newsletter Issues: Every issue of The Pursuit Newsletter will be published to our website.

2. Details For Newsletter Issues #1-4: Newsletter issues 1-4 will always be available on the website for everyone to read.

3. Details For Newsletter Issues #5-1000+: These issues will only be available on the site for those who have subscribed to The Pursuit Newsletter. New website visitors will not have access to these issues unless they choose to subscribe to receive future email newsletters from us.

Why Are You Setting Things Up This Way For Our Newsletter?

We have chosen to set things up this way in our business because we believe that…

This specific setup will allow us to add the most amount of value to you as a subscriber in the shortest time possible.

What that means is…

The very best way for you to get the most amount of value from our newsletter on a continual basis is to be subscribed to the newsletter where you are fully committed to reading every single issue we publish.

This commitment to yourself will give you everything you need to quickly implement the new tips, tricks, tactics and strategies in each newsletter issue, so that you can grow your business effectively over the long run.

FACT: The quickest, fastest, and best way to know when a brand new issue of The Pursuit Newsletter has been published is by getting it sent to your inbox immediately after we hit “send” on our end.

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What Kind Of Content Will Be In This Newsletter If I Sign Up?

This Is What You Can Expect From Every Newsletter We Publish

If you still haven’t clicked over to read The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #2, here is what you can expect from us every time we publish a brand new issue for you.

Our newsletter will be an indispensable resource for you, that will help you implement exactly what needs to be done in your newsletter business, so that you can quickly and effectively accomplish every one of your newsletter business goals.

The clear path to newsletter business success can be found on our website, and in every newsletter we publish for you to read.

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We Are Not Messing Around With This Newsletter!

We are serious when we say that we want our newsletter to be so good that you actually take the time to print it out, mark it up, highlight and share it with every member of your team.

If you are new to building a newsletter business right now…

We know that the only member of your team is you, but that will change in the near future as you start creating success and scaling up to serving more subscribers and advertisers who want to place ads in your publication on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

The bottom line for this specific section is…

We want our newsletter to get you and your team into action as fast as possible, so that you can continue pushing forward toward your desired outcomes (and achieve them) faster than you thought possible.

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The 2nd Newsletter Is Where This Journey Starts For You

If it is not already clear by now, and because you are still here…

In this first issue of The Pursuit Newsletter (this page you’re reading now)…

For New Visitors (Not Subscribed): We want to make sure that in this specific issue that we effectively position the 2nd issue of The Pursuit Newsletter, so that you want to read it before you choose to subscribe.

For Brand New Subscribers: We want to make sure that you secure the future deliverability of our newsletter to your email inbox, if you have already signed up as a subscriber.

For Subscribers Getting Ready To Launch: We want to show you how you can potentially position the first newsletter you publish on your website before you launch your newsletter business in your specific niche.

At the end of the day…

If you read the 2nd issue of The Pursuit Newsletter, and you are not impressed, you are free to click off this site and never visit us again (unless you change your mind in the future).

The Best Part About The Pursuit Newsletter and Website

This Truly Is The Best Part About The Pursuit Newsletter And Website

If you are new to the newsletter business…

We will take you by the hand (from the beginning) and help you create everything you need to “start” and “launch” your newsletter into the marketplace.

If you are a seasoned newsletter business owner with a newsletter currently “live” in the marketplace, and you still need help…

We will always make sure that our site and specific newsletter issues have the content you need, so that you can quickly get to the next level fast!

Here at The Pursuit Newsletter, you really have the best of both worlds, and a team that is 100% committed to helping you create the success you desire.

In Closing…

We as a team are passionate about helping you create “newsletter business success,” and will do whatever it takes on our end to make the “achievement of your success” a sure thing if you are willing to put in the necessary amount of work to make your goals happen no matter what!

Only you can give up on yourself, and that’s a fact we all can agree on.

So without wasting anymore time, let’s get to work!

We look forward to welcoming you as a new subscriber if you still haven’t signed up, and can’t wait for your feedback about the second newsletter issue!

To Your Future Pursuit,
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

P.S. We read and process every email we receive, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have something that you want to share with us.