The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #2

Sunday, September 3, 2023

The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #2

Hello Fellow Newsletter Business Owner,

Welcome to The 2nd Issue of The Pursuit Newsletter!

Let’s get to work!

Every issue of The Pursuit Newsletter will begin with a quote that will support you along your newsletter business building journey.

Today’s quote is:

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly at first.” -Brian Tracy

Our Thoughts: Keep this quote on the top of your mind at all times as you continue working towards creating a newsletter that succeeds!

Realize that you won’t be perfect all the time, and that making mistakes along the journey is part of the learning process.

We as a team are here to support you in the best way we know how to. If there is anything that we can do to help you figure out anything along your journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

This Section Will Always Be Included In Every Issue Of Our Newsletter

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Here are the four important content sections you will read on that page:

Section #1. Are You A New Subscriber? Read This Section Now!

Section #2. “I Just Launched My Newsletter - Now What?!”

Section #3. Foundational Newsletter Growth Strategy For Newbies

Section #4. Foundational Newsletter Growth Strategy For Veterans

After you gain a solid understanding of the content on this page…

It will help you get the most amount of value from every single thing we publish for you in the future because, you will know where and when to apply what you learn over the lifetime of being a loyal subscriber of The Pursuit Newsletter.

Table Of Contents For The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #2

1. Personal Letter From The Pursuit Newsletter Team

2. The Pursuit Newsletter Published “Articles Of Interest”

3. Internet News That Impacts The Email Newsletter Business

4. Need More Subscribers? Read This Section!

5. The Pursuit Newsletter Important Company Updates and Reminders

6. What Can I Expect In The Next Issue Of The Pursuit Newsletter?

Section #1: Personal Letter From The Pursuit Newsletter Team

Dear Newsletter Business Owner,

Before you dive into the content in today’s newsletter, we would like to take this opportunity to share three important details with you about The Pursuit Newsletter.

By taking the time to read and understand each one of these details below, you will have a better idea about who we are, and where we are coming from as a company and team that is committed to your future success.

“The 3 Important Details You Should Know About The Pursuit Newsletter and Website!”

Detail #1 This Is Where Everyone Should Start On Our Website

If You Are Ready To Get Started With Us, and Want To Take Action In The Most Efficient Way Possible, To Quickly Create Newsletter Business Success, We Recommend That You Plug Yourself Into The “Start Here” Page After You Read This Newsletter!

If you are visiting our website for the very first time…

Do yourself a favor and make sure that you visit the “Start Here” page.

The “Start Here” page link can be found on the homepage of our website, and will always be there for you to review and go through. We have also included the link below for you to easily visit the page after you finish reading the newsletter.

When you get to this specific “Start Here” page…

You will see that it has been formatted in a way to cater to every type of newsletter business owner regardless of their level of experience.

The page also takes into account what your current newsletter business goals are to help you determine the best place for you to get started on our website!

We want to reiterate this point for you again about the “Start Here” page…

This “Start Here” page helps you find the best content currently published on our site in the quickest way possible, so that you can start taking the right actions that need to be done to quickly create newsletter business success.

As we continue to add more new content to our website, the value that the “Start Here” page will provide you as a visitor and subscriber, will only build and grow over time.

Given everything that is currently available to you in the marketplace to help you build your newsletter business…

We believe that creating this “Start Here” page, and formatting it like we have is the absolute best way for you (and everyone else) to get started with us as a new visitor and/or subscriber.

The moment you visit this page, and see how it is laid out and formatted from top to bottom, you will instantly understand what we mean by this statement.

If you have any feedback about this “Start Here” page experience, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to let us know your thoughts.

Detail #2 - An Email Newsletter With Quality Website Content

How Every New Article We Publish On Our Site Supports Every New Issue Of The Pursuit Newsletter (Sent Via Email)

As you take the time to read every issue of The Pursuit Newsletter here on the website (or in your email inbox)…

You will get used to seeing how the email newsletter and website content work together in unison as they both continue adding value to you as a subscriber.

Between the email newsletter, and with every article that is published on our website, you will see that…

Every email newsletter we send to your inbox will always have the newest and freshest articles we recently published while providing you a pleasurable reading experience where you get what you need to implement what needs to be done.

This means that you will never miss out on reading a future article that we publish on our site, or miss out on a piece of content that we know will help you achieve your newsletter business goals.

We made the decision to set up our publishing schedule between the website and newsletter in this fashion because we are fully committed to keeping you on top of everything that we create to help you reach your desired destination.

To paint a very clear picture for you…

The Pursuit Newsletter (Email Newsletter) = The newsletter is “Email Content” that gives you the actionable tips, tricks, strategies and execution plans that you can implement immediately, so that you can reach your newsletter business goals faster.

KEY VALUE (Newsletter): The email newsletter for our business caters to the brand new subscriber who just joined the newsletter subscriber list, and also focuses on serving every loyal subscriber in the future that is looking for the next thing they need to implement that will help them get to the next level.

Website Articles (Published On Website) = The “Website Content” we publish on our website platform will support you on your journey to creating newsletter business success. Every article we publish will be included in every single email newsletter, so you never miss out on anything we create for you to help you create success.

KEY VALUE (Articles): Every website article we publish will not only add value to you in the email newsletter, but will also attract new people into our newsletter list over time given what happens with organic search engine traffic, and valuable content that is useful for a specific market.

If at any point in time you believe we can tweak things inside of our “content publishing model” to make our unique “content consumption experience” better for you, please don’t ever hesitate to let us know!

Detail #3 - A Platform For Newbies, Veterans, and All-Stars

We Are Serious About Making The Pursuit Newsletter A Massively Valuable Platform Where Every “Type” Of Newsletter Business Owner Is Welcome…Even If They Are Brand New To Building This Type Of Business

There is nothing more to say about our entire content and newsletter platform other than for you to realize that…

The Pursuit Newsletter is for everyone who is fully committed to building a successful newsletter business no matter where they are currently starting from.

What category (below) do you see yourself in right now?

#1 Newbies (Brand New or Recently Launched): Brand new people, who want to build this kind of business, will get everything they need from our platform, so that they can get started with building their newsletter in the best way possible.

We want to do everything we can on our end as a team to help every brand new person, (and those who have recently launched their newsletter) to quickly create success.

Seeing “newbies” quickly create success, as they start scaling their business up, will be one of the most satisfying things for our team to watch and experience over time.

#2 Veterans (Building For 6+ Months): For those who have been building their newsletter business for more than 6 months, and who need specific help in different areas of their business to get their business to the next level will always get what they need from our platform no matter what.

#3 All Stars (Building For 1 or More Years): For those who have been building their newsletter business for more than 1 year, they will also be supported by our platform as well through everything we publish.

Read This Now If You Fall Into The “All Stars” Category (Part 1)

Aside from catering our platform to newbies and veterans, we want to also focus on catering things for you as an “All Star” as well.

What that means is that…

We want to understand where you currently are in your business, so we can figure out what we need to create on our end that will help you get to the next level in your business.

Please contact us now to let us know what you believe we need to understand about your situation, so that we can start creating specific pieces of content for you that will address the issues currently on your plate.

We want to help you accomplish the goals that you have for your business in 3 years or less.

We look forward to hearing from you so we can begin the process of establishing a win/win relationship over the long run of our business together.

The Final Point We Need To Make About “All Stars”… (Part 2)

We are launching our newsletter here in September 2023, and know that the initial 16 articles we currently have on our site mainly cater to the brand new person that is just getting started (or who has recently launched).

With that being said…

We want to give you, the “All Star” the opportunity to begin the process of getting the value you need from us by opening up this opportunity that allows you to reach out to us.

Giving you this opportunity to reach out to us is the least we can do right now as we continue building our platform to cater to every person in the newsletter business building market.

Thanks for your understanding, and we look forward to hearing from you.

-The Pursuit Newsletter Team

The best part about everything covered in this letter above is that…

We have the team who can serve every type of person in the “newsletter business” market, and we couldn’t be more excited about where this content platform and newsletter will end up in less than 5 years.

Here is one final reminder for you…

If you ever believe we are “falling short” on our promise to deliver the best experience possible for you as a member of our community, regardless of where you are currently starting from in your newsletter business, please let us know what needs to be tweaked or corrected, so we can make the entire experience better for you.

When we started working on The Pursuit Newsletter project…

We committed to creating a content consumption experience that the market (you) ultimately wanted, so that you will want to keep engaging with our website and newsletter over a long period of time.

As you work your way through the content on our website, and continually consume every newsletter issue we send you…

We believe that you will have the best experience possible as you implement what you learn to create success.

The bottom line is…

No matter where you are starting from, you will always get the value you need from us to achieve the goals you have for your business.

So In Closing, and To Wrap Up This Personal Letter To You…

We know in our heart that you have everything you need on our website right now to start making substantial progress on building your newsletter business.

By first going through the “Start Here” page, and then…

By taking the time to review every previously published newsletter (and article) on our website, you will be well on your way to creating a successful newsletter business that you can be proud of.

The only way you won’t create success as a newsletter business owner, is if you don’t take action…so let’s get it done!

Are you ready to be our next success story?

Let’s go!

To Your Personal Pursuit To Creating A Successful Newsletter Business,
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

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Section #2: The Pursuit Newsletter Published “Articles Of Interest”

Aside from publishing The Pursuit Newsletter for you twice a month, we are also committed to creating the absolute best content for you on our website to support you on your journey to creating a successful newsletter business.

These articles linked below are the specific posts that we believe you need to read, review and take action on right now to help you begin the process of creating powerful results in your business.

Article #1: What Is An Online Newsletter Business?

A - From The The Team: This is one of the pillar articles that we wrote on our website for you to consume and understand.

This specific article will give you the level of understanding about the newsletter business that we believe you need to know at a “foundational level,” so that you could explain what this business is in a simple way to someone who asks you the question, “What you are working on?”

B - Point Of Focus: In this specific article, make sure that you focus on and pay attention to the 3rd section where you will understand what a newsletter business is based on how a “newsletter business owner” answers the question, “What is a newsletter business?”

C - The Bottom Line: The fact is that there are many ways to think about the newsletter business in and of itself, and this article will create the understanding for you (at the most basic level) that we believe you must know, so that you can move forward with clarity and confidence!

Article #2: What Is A Newsletter Business? (Quick and Easy Answers)

A - From The Team: This is another pillar article that we created on our website that answers the question, “What is a newsletter business?”

The only difference with this article, compared to article 1, is how the content is packaged and delivered to you as the reader.

We took a different approach to answer the same question, while covering specific pieces of content in it that are not covered in article #1.

When you pull the article up to begin reading, you will see what we mean.

B - Point Of Focus: As you focus on reading the entire article, make sure you don’t lose sight of the big picture you were given in article #1.

Article #2 gets into the weeds and “nitty gritty details” of building a newsletter business that will allow you to answer some specific questions others may ask you if they really started to grill you about what this business is, and how it really works.

One of the most important sections in article #2 is the one titled, “What Do Newsletter Business Owners Need to Focus On in A Given Month?”

Don’t skip this part, as it holds some of the most valuable content across article #1, #2, and #3 highlighted in this section of the newsletter.

C - The Bottom Line: We believe that this article is the second best place for you to start when gaining a deeper level of understanding about this business, so you never lose sight of the type of business you are building, and how all the moving parts work together as one unit.

Article #3: What Is Really Possible With A Newsletter Business?

A - From The Team: This pillar article was created to bring everything full circle for you to understand how to think about the creation and management of this kind of business, and what it could really provide you over the long run as a newsletter business owner.

Given the way the content is structured, it will provide you with the “30,000 foot view” about what is really possible, so you can then dive deep into any one of those areas to discover more about what matters most to you while building your business.

B - Point Of Focus: When you read this article, make sure that you focus on the key questions you need to ask yourself as you craft the foundation for the future of your newsletter. This article is as much a “workbook exercise” as it is an article that covers the details about the topic.

After you complete this article, you will have the level of understanding that every person on our team has about the newsletter business, and this is a big deal for you!

C - The Bottom Line: The truth is that there are multiple paths to creating newsletter business success. This article lays all of them out for you as clear as day to see and understand how they work. This article also brings to light how to choose the ideal path on your newsletter business journey that will work best for you over the long run in your business.

Article #4: Starting A Newsletter Business? - Do These 5 Things First!

A - From The Team: This pillar article was created to get you started on the right foot if you have never started a newsletter business before! It is the best “first step” you can take as a newbie who is committed to building a successful newsletter business.

If you are a veteran that already has a newsletter business that you are currently building in the marketplace, it would make sense for you to still read and review this article as well to make sure that you have “checked off all the boxes” and didn’t skip over anything important before you started your business.

As a veteran…

You can always go into your business, and make it better no matter how far along you are down your newsletter business building path.

Going back to the basics in the beginning of your process is one of the best ways you can approach this! Thankfully, this article will provide you with that entire process in a simple, easy to understand way!

B - Point Of Focus: When you read this article about starting a newsletter business, pay close attention to the part where it highlights why it is so important to focus on the market, topic, and brand promise for your newsletter. These three things are the rock solid foundation that you will build your newsletter around, and should not be ignored!

C - The Bottom Line: When you decide to build a newsletter business, the “Who” matters more than the “What” in the beginning. If you don’t understand “who” your newsletter subscriber avatar is (your target market) in the beginning of your business, how can you expect to create content and a newsletter that resonates with them over the long run (that you know they will also want to stay subscribed to)?

Never lose sight of this fact inside your business. Your business is NOT about you, but rather should be focused on fulfilling the needs, wants and desires of the market you are choosing to serve.

Article #5: How To Launch A Newsletter Business

A - From The Team: This pillar article was written to aid you in deciding what you want your launch day and week to be like when you decide to launch your newsletter business into the marketplace. It is written in a very straightforward manner, and will provide you the initial clarity you need so that you can execute a launch day, and launch week that you can be happy with.

B - Point Of Focus: Pay attention to what matters most to you in the article when it comes to your “launch day” and “launch week.” There are so many directions you can take when launching your newsletter, so use this article effectively to fill in the gaps for yourself to make the decisions that are in alignment with what you want to accomplish!

C - The Bottom Line: Get launched, and then keep pushing forward no matter how your launch day turns out!

Section #3: Internet News That Impacts The Email Newsletter Business

Our Thoughts: Use what is in this article to help you create more relevant content in the future for your email newsletter, and for your newsletter business website. It is interesting that Google is integrating this feature into their search engine, and it makes complete sense for them to do so given the nature of their business and the value they provide us as people searching for specific things on the web all the time.

Section #4: Need More Subscribers? Read This Section!

“I need more newsletter subscribers in my newsletter list, how do I quickly make that happen?!”

Do you know how many times our team hears that statement on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis?


If we were given a dollar every time someone asked us this question, we wouldn’t have to build this business anymore, and could retire on the island of Palawan in the Philippines.

But that is not the case, so let’s continue.

In todays “Need More Subscribers?” section of The Pursuit Newsletter…

We are going to cover and go over…

One specific way you can start thinking about growing your newsletter’s subscriber base right now that will help you solve all of your current “subscriber getting problems” for good.

Let’s get more specific now!

Here is the initial question that most newsletter business owners ask themselves when it comes to addressing the current size of their subscriber list.

What needs to happen right now in my business for me to quickly and effectively grow my newsletter subscriber list bigger in the shortest time possible?

The short answer to this question is…

“Drive more targeted traffic into your newsletter sign up page, and all of your newsletter list growth problems will be solved!”

Even though that is a simple answer, let’s dive deeper into what that simple answer really means.

This brings up the clarifying question…

“What is ‘targeted traffic’ and how do I get as much of it as possible?”

The question about what targeted traffic is has two specific answers that you need to understand before you can get to the final answer you need to solve your newsletter list growth problem.

Key Answer #1 About Targeted Traffic: Targeted traffic is traffic (visitors) that come to your website, that most likely already have an interest in the topic of your newsletter before they ever arrive to your website to review what you have to offer them as a future subscriber.

Key Answer #2 About Targeted Traffic: You can get traffic (visitors) to your website by doing one of two things. You can either pay for targeted traffic to come to your website, or you can invest your time in multiple different tactics and strategies that eat up your time to implement and execute.

Traffic that you pay for is turned “ON” or “OFF” depending on what your budget is, while free traffic generation strategies take time to build momentum with. Even though free traffic driving strategies take time when you first start out, they can also pay off well over the long term if you stay consistent with them.

The bottom line about targeted traffic is…

You either pay for traffic with capital, or you create traffic using “free methods” that take up your valuable time. You choose to invest one or the other, or choose to execute both at the same time. Either way, no matter what you choose, each method you choose to implement will cost you something.

Now that we have that out of the way, here is the gold you are looking for.

If you are serious about solving this “newsletter list growth” problem in your newsletter business right now, pay attention because we are only going to write this down once for you in this newsletter.

To help you solve your problem…

Everything comes down to this one question that you need to constantly ask yourself on a consistent basis if you want to be good at driving targeted traffic into your newsletter business site that converts into brand new newsletter subscribers like clock work.

That question is…

The Golden Question To Ask Yourself That Solves All Your Problems

Where does my audience hang out online and/or offline, and how can I effectively reach them or interact with them, so that they are motivated to visit my website to learn more about what I have to offer them as a future subscriber to my newsletter?

Read that one question again.


That’s it!

This question right here is the million dollar question for every newsletter business owner who is serious about growing a successful newsletter business!

You see…

The answers you come up with on the other side of asking yourself that question…

Will be the difference between becoming a newsletter business owner that succeeds quickly, or one that slogs along month after month without getting anywhere, and eventually quitting.


Step back and think about this million dollar question for a moment.

What answers do you come up with?

Are you leaving money on the table because you aren’t leveraging a marketing strategy that you can implement right now to help you grow your newsletter list?

What is that strategy or tactic that is holding you back from getting the newsletter list size you want to achieve?

Do you now know what you need to execute over the next 7 days to help you grow your newsletter subscriber list quickly and effectively?

If you know the audience your newsletter serves well enough, you should already know the answer to this question, and also know how to effectively “engage” with them to help you create the result you want.

And if you don’t…

It looks like you have some work to do, so get to it!

If you are still having a hard time figuring out the answer to this question for yourself and for your newsletter, reach out to us so we can help you get the clarity that you need to continue moving forward in your business!

We promise…

Everything you want with the size of your newsletter subscriber list, is on the other side of asking yourself this question.

Do you know the answer?

Make it a productive week!

We look forward to hearing your feedback about this newsletter after you come up with some amazing ideas that will help you to get your newsletter subscriber list growing faster!

Talk Soon,
-The Pursuit Newsletter Team

Section #5: The Pursuit Newsletter Important Company Updates and Reminders

In every issue of The Pursuit Newsletter, we will be providing you the key updates that we believe you will want to know that will add the most amount of value to you as a subscriber of ours. If you have any feedback about any of these in the future, please don’t hesitate to hit reply or reach out to us about it.

Important Company Updates

  • The next issue of The Pursuit Newsletter will be published on Thursday September 14, 2023

  • We just launched this website here in September 2023. If you find any blatant errors or things that need to be corrected, please let us know

  • We are seeking a founding advertiser who is interested in working together with us to help us scale the our growth of our newsletter, while creating a win/win situation. If interested, click here and scroll down to read the P.S. section at the bottom of the page.

Important Company Reminders

  • The FIRST 4 ISSUES of The Pursuit Newsletter will always be free and available for you to read on the website forever

  • FOR THE 5th ISSUE of The Pursuit Newsletter and beyond, you will need a verified email subscription with us to access the any specific issue you want to read on the website. Sign up now to make sure that is not an issue you deal with in the future.

  • If you need to reach out to us at all, feel free to contact us here

Section #6: What Can I Expect In The Next Issue Of The Pursuit Newsletter?

Because we are cool like that, we always want to give you a preview about what to expect in the next issue of The Pursuit Newsletter!

Here is what we are thinking about creating for you to be ready by the 14th of September which is when the next issue will be published!

  • Intro Letter: Covering a specific framework and mindset about building a newsletter business that you will be able to keep in mind as you create success with your business

  • Articles of Interest: Highlighting articles on our website that focus on being in the trenches as a newsletter business owner that will support you on your path to creating newsletter business success in the early days of your venture

  • News: Any articles or pieces of news that are about any specific updates or trends that directly impact you as a newsletter business owner

  • Need More Subscribers?: Content that dives deeper into what was covered in this issue where we highlight some key ways to implement this way of thinking and executing to create positive results

  • Bonus Content: We are going to keep this section a surprise because we aren’t 100% sure what it will be yet, but we have a fuzzy idea (but maybe something wrapped around achieving “key metric” goals that are tied into getting what you need set up before you approach advertisers).

Until Next Time,
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

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