The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #12

Thursday, January 25, 2024

The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #12

Welcome to the 12th issue of The Pursuit Newsletter!

One of the greatest things about building a newsletter business…

Is knowing that you are making a positive impact on your subscribers.

Here at The Pursuit Newsletter we are always asking ourselves this simple question (that guides all of our business decisions)…

“How can we be better for our newsletter subscribers?”

By asking ourselves this question on a consistent basis every single week…

We as a team are able to stay focused on creating the best possible experience for you as a loyal subscriber to our newsletter.

So before you jump into the newsletter content for the day…

Take some time to reflect on how you can add more value to your newsletter subscribers, so that you can achieve your goals faster and more effectively.


If you haven’t officially “started” or “launched” your newsletter business yet, click here to give us the opportunity to help you start things off on the right foot, so you can move forward with clarity, confidence and focus!

Ok…now it is time to get to work!

Let’s do this!

To Your Newsletter’s Success,
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

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Table Of Contents

  1. Your Personal Newsletter Business Journey (A Question)

  2. Rapid Fire Newsletter Business Building Tip

  3. Newsletter Business Traffic Generation Tips

  4. Newsletter Business Content Creation Tips

  5. Growing Your Newsletter Using YouTube

  6. Final Reminders From The Team

What Is The Status Of Your Newsletter Business?

Are you in the middle of Starting, Building, Launching, Growing, Monetizing or Scaling your newsletter business to the next level?

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Is The Proper System In Place To Support Your Newsletter’s Growth After You Hit “Send”?

Read this section if you are serious about executing one specific thing in your business right now that will have a direct impact on your media company’s growth in 30 days or less. This section will always be in our newsletter (until further notice) because we as a team will always be committed to providing you with what you need right now to quickly take action and create positive results.

In the previous issue of The Pursuit Newsletter (inside this one specific section of that newsletter’s issue), we covered the 4 important systems that you need to have in your business, so that it runs like a well-oiled machine through the entire year.

With that being said…

For today’s “Rapid Fire Newsletter Business Building Tip” we are going to cover the first system that needs to be created in your business if you are serious about reaching your newsletter business goals quickly.

By flushing out this one system for you in detail, and by providing you a clear way to think about creating this system for your business, it will allow you to reach your newsletter business goals faster and more effectively.

To refresh your memory…

System #1: “The Activity Between Each Newsletter Being Sent”

This is the system you need to build in your business that is triggered:

Part #1: Right after you hit “send” on your newsletter

Part #2. Before you hit “send” on the next newsletter

The specific sequence of action that happens between #1 and #2 separates the good newsletters from the great newsletters.

To be real with you right now…

Creating and sending out a newsletter for the market is only half the battle.

After you hit send on a newsletter issue, the work has just begun.

This is a really important concept for brand new newsletter business owners to understand because if the idea of “If You Build It They Will Come” is your approach to starting, building and growing your newsletter business…you have already failed before you even start.

The Truth About Building A Newsletter Business

The specific actions you take between each newsletter that you publish and send to your subscriber list, will decide if your newsletter becomes a success or not.

We don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but those are the cold hard facts!

The idea that you can just create a newsletter sign up page, and then have a windfall of subscribers sign up for what you have (without starting with any initial audience whatsoever) is a pipe-dream.

Commit to your future success right now now by investing the necessary amount of time to create and implement this first system into your business.

The two key variables that influence what your “system #1” looks like are:

#1. Capital To Leverage: the financial resources you can use right now

#2. Bandwidth To Execute: the time available to execute everything that needs to be done (split between your personal and team’s bandwidth)

Think about this for a second:

What needs to be done for your newsletter business (after you hit send on a newly published newsletter on your site) so that you…

Goal #1: Add more subscribers to your newsletter

Goal #2: Drive more targeted traffic to your newsletter website (via that specific newsletter issue)

Goal #3: Establish more authority inside of the niche you are targeting with your newsletter business

Goal #4: Build more links to that one newsletter issue, so that it positively impacts your SEO inside the search engines (and drives more traffic to your site in the future via google searches)

Goal #5: Build more trust with your subscriber audience, (and the market at large) so that they think of you and your newsletter if they have needs/wants/desires that your newsletter/website satisfies for them

Goal #6: [Insert another goal of yours here]

This is the “type of thinking” that should be the “starting point” when creating this specific system in your newsletter business.

Do This…

If you have gotten to this part of this newsletter’s section, we are going to assume that you are serious about creating this specific system in your newsletter business because you realize how important it is implement over the lifetime of your business.

Now is the time to give you the “steps to execute” so that you can get to work and finish the first version of this system for your operation.

To create the “sequence of action” for your newsletter business between each newsletter that is sent, here is what you need to do:

Step #1: Write down the goals that you have for your newsletter business (just like we did above)

Step #2: For each goal that you have, brainstorm the specific actions/tasks that need to be completed right after a new newsletter is published, and before the next newsletter that will be published. Make sure each task is in alignment with each specific goal.

This is what your brainstorm will look like:

Goal 1 - (insert goal 1 here)

task 1, goal 1 - (insert task 1 here - include all details)

task 2, goal 1 - (insert task 2 here - include all details)

task 3, goal 1 - (insert task 3 here - include all details)

Goal 2 - (insert goal 2 here)

task 1, goal 2 - (insert task 1 here - include all details)

task 2, goal 2 - (insert task 2 here - include all details)

task 3, goal 2 - (insert task 3 here - include all details)




Step #3: Now that you have flushed out all the tasks that need to be executed between the time you send a newsletter, then you need to figure out who is going to execute that task, and when it will be done between each time a newsletter is sent.

Key: Depending on the size of your team, the bandwidth that you all have, and the capital that is available for you to execute will influence this entire system and what it looks like.

Step #4: Create the system, and then implement and execute the system into your newsletter business

Step #5: Pay attention to what happens, and how by implementing the system into your business impacts the goals you are working towards in your business.

Final Takeaway When Building System #1 For Your Business: Be flexible with creating and implementing this system into your business, and use the feedback that you get from your actions inside the system to make it better on a consistent basis.

Listening to the feedback from your market, and also listening to the feedback from the specific team members that are helping you execute the system on a consistent basis will help you nail down a solid system of execution that will move you closer to your goals!

Don’t forget that you should approach this with a mindset that is in alignment with “always make it better” as you learn and continue taking action with each newsletter issue that is created and published!

In Closing: Building System #1 Into Your Business

Building this kind of system for your newsletter needs to be done regardless of what niche your newsletter is targeting.

Always keep in mind…

This specific system will change and evolve in your business as you:

1. Add more team members to your team

2. Have access to more capital to leverage

Don’t ever lose sight of what is specifically being done inside the “time” between each newsletter being sent!

Every action that is executed in the system that you build will have a specific impact on the goals that your business is striving to achieve.

At a minimum…

You should be “revisiting” the impact of this system on your business at least once per quarter.

As more capital and bandwidth increases inside of your business, it will positively influence the size and effectiveness of this system in the future.

With more capital and bandwidth, more tasks become possible that will impact each goal that you have for the growth of your newsletter business over time.


There is no one size fits all solution when creating this system for your business (or for another newsletter business owner), but building this system needs to be thought about, created and executed in a way that is custom to you and your specific situation.

If you need any help or guidance to create this system for your newsletter business, hit “reply” on this email so we can figure out the best way to help you.

Have You Thought About Leveraging This “Little Known” Paid Media Traffic Strategy To Add Relevant Subscribers To Your Newsletter List?

Read this section if you are serious about executing one specific thing in your business right now that will have a direct impact on your media company’s website traffic in 30 days or less.

The Truth About “Newsletter Ads” in Other Newsletters

If you have an advertising budget, and you are willing to spend some money to build your newsletter subscriber list, pay attention to this newsletter subscriber growth strategy.

One of the best places to invest your money to attract targeted and relevant subscribers is to place ads in other newsletters that are targeting the same niche you are.

There Are 2 Main Reasons These Types Ads Are Effective

Reason #1: You are reaching potential subscribers that are already interested in your topic (the newsletter is about the topic you write about)

Reason #2: You are reaching potential subscribers who already like reading newsletters (think: the ad is being placed in a newsletter)

Given these two reasons above, and if you are serious about running these kind of paid ads for your business there is only one thing left for you to do.

Do This…

Step #1: Find the newsletters in your niche where you can run an ad

Step #2: Contact those newsletter businesses to run an ad

Step #3: Get the deal done

Step #4: Run the ad

Step #5: Analyze the results

Step #6: Figure out what is next

This is a very straight forward way to invest capital into growing your newsletter subscriber list with relevant subscribers who will be engaged over the lifetime of your business.

If your newsletter is valuable to the market you are targeting, using this media buying strategy to grow your newsletter list may work very well for you.

Go and take some action and let us know how this strategy works.

You can send us an email any time after you execute this effective strategy.

P.S. If you are running a newsletter inside of the same or similar niche we are, and you are you are interested in placing an ad with us, please reach out to us and let us know. We would love to have a conversation with you to figure out the best way to work together.

Create THIS Kind of Website Content To Attract New Subscribers Into Your Newsletter Business

Read this section if you are serious about executing one specific thing in your business right now that will have a direct impact on your media company’s content that is produced in 30 days or less.

Successful Newsletters Have Great Content On Their Website

When creating a newsletter growth strategy for your newsletter business, it is essential for you to have specific pieces of content on your website that will attract the right audience into your newsletter list…now and in the future.

There is one specific kind of content that you can create right now for your newsletter business website that we like to call “Reason Why” content.

“Reason Why” content is a specific piece of content that provides “the why” about a specific topic for your target audience that you know is important for them to understand.

In a perfect world…

After someone in the niche you are targeting reads this content on your website, they are more inclined to sign up for your newsletter list because of the value you provided them in the article to begin with.

3 “Reason Why” Headlines To Inspire Future Content You Create

Here are a couple headlines you can use to illustrate what we mean when we say, “Create ‘Reason Why’ content on your newsletter business site to attract relevant subscribers for your newsletter business!”

Headline Example #1: 5 Reasons Why Using Mailchimp for Your Newsletter Business is A Recipe for Disaster

Headline Example #2: 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Paid Media When Growing Your Newsletter Subscriber List

Headline Example #3: The Main Reason Why You Are Failing in Your Newsletter Business, and What to do About it Right Now

If you notice, the moment you read those headlines, it creates the necessary amount of curiosity for you to want to read the article that would be written under that headline.

When you create “this feeling” for your target market, you have achieved goal #1.

To accomplish goal #2, it is when a new visitor to your website who reads the article decides to sign up for your newsletter!


What specific pieces of “Reason Why” content can you create on your newsletter business website that will attract the right visitor who would be inspired to sign up for your newsletter subscriber list?

Why Creating Content For Your Site Is Important For Your Business

When you create specific content like this for your newsletter business website:

Fact #1: It puts your website in the position to be found in the search engines

Fact #2: It allows people who find your articles to share them with their network of friends online (or via an email forward). This helps you attract new subscribers into your newsletter subscriber list that you wouldn’t have normally reached otherwise

Fact #3: You can use this “Reason Why” content in future newsletter issues, and ask your newsletter subscribers to share these articles with their networks that will open up brand new audiences for your business.


If you are ready to implement this kind of content marketing strategy into your business:

Do This…

Step #1: Decide the 3-5 pieces of “Reason Why” content you will create for your newsletter business website.

Step #2: Create the content for your newsletter business website

Step #3: Decide how you will “promote” the newly created content that is published on your newsletter business website to attract subscribers

Step #4: Analyze the results

Step #5: Figure out what is next given the feedback you received

Keep in mind…

Creating content for your website, and attracting SEO traffic will take time, so don’t think that results will show up quickly when it comes to leveraging this kind of traffic.

Invest the time it takes for this strategy to evolve on your website, and do everything you can in your power to get as many targeted individuals through this special kind of content you create!

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

Have fun creating this type of content on your newsletter business site. Watching how this kind of content will positively impact your business in the future is always an interesting journey given the time it takes to start seeing results with it.

How to Research “Keyword Phrases” to Create YouTube Video Content for Your Business

Read this section if you are serious about using YouTube to create a continual stream of targeted traffic into your newsletter website. This section will be always included in our newsletter (until further notice) to provide you with what you need right now if you are serious about using YouTube for your business. Today’s content in this section builds off of what was published last time.

Did You Read Our Last Newsletter Talking About Using YouTube?

The last time we talked about using YouTube to grow your newsletter business (inside of this specific section of that newsletter issue)…

We focused on what you need to do to begin the process of creating video content on your newsletter business’s website YouTube channel.

We left off at the step where you will have a specific list of phrases and keywords that you brainstormed (after putting yourself inside of your market’s shoes during a normal day that they experience).

Now that you have the “brainstormed list” of phrases/keywords…

It is essential that you now focus on analyzing the demand for those keywords and phrases online before you start creating content around them for the market of potential subscribers you are targeting for your newsletter.

Use Google Trends to Identify Demand for Keywords and Phrases

This is the process that you need to follow to identify the demand for the keywords and phrases that you brainstormed.

Do This…

Step #1: Solidify the list of keywords and key phrases that you will do the research on before creating content around them on your YouTube channel

Step #2: Go to Google Trends and type in the specific keywords and phrases one by one to see the “trend” of that specific term or phrase over a year, and even over the last 5 years.

Step #3: Play around with the settings of how you can look at the data by turning the “worldwide” audience on and off

Step #4: Pay attention to the demand of the keyword or phrase over the entire year, and over the lifetime of the keyword’s data.

Step #5: Based on your research, zero in on the 1-3 keywords or phrases that will be smart for you to build your YouTube content around based on what you discover.

Other Important Details When Doing Research Like This

Detail #1: To get a more detailed report of how often search terms are used online in google and/or in YouTube, be open to the reality that you may have to buy the data from a provider who can give you that information.

Detail #2: There is a book on the market called “Choose” (written by Ryan Levesque) that also will teach you an effective way to do niche research for specific keywords and phrases using Google Trends. Pick up the book if you want one one more “layer of knowledge to execute on” before diving into the creation of the YouTube content for your newsletter business.

If you have any challenges executing this exercise, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need some help gaining the clarity before moving to the next step.

Final Reminders For Newsletter Issue #12

Read this section if you want to stay on top of the key updates that directly impact you as a loyal subscriber to The Pursuit Newsletter. The specific reminders in this section will be changed and modified every week, and will always be relevant to you on your journey to starting, building, growing, monetizing and scaling your newsletter into an amazingly successful media company.

Final Reminder #1: Thursday February 8, 2024 is when the next issue of The Pursuit Newsletter will be sent - Make sure to set up a calendar reminder on your phone. (We are currently sending our newsletter on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. If that changes we will let you know.)

Final Reminder #2: We are still seeking a founding advertiser for The Pursuit Newsletter. All information about this can be found here in the “P.S. section” of the advertising page of our website

Final Reminder #3: If you have any issues or challenges implementing or executing anything in our newsletter today, please let us know by replying to this email

Final Reminder #4: If you need a direct link to the previous issue of The Pursuit Newsletter click here

Final Reminder #5: Don’t forget to read this page if you are a brand new subscriber!

See You In The Next Issue & Make It A Great Day!
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

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