The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #10

Monday, December 18, 2023

The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #10

Welcome to the 10th issue of The Pursuit Newsletter!

The theme for today’s issue is focused on planning for the end of the year with your newsletter business (and media company) as we move into 2024.

Before you dive into the content today…

We want to share some relevant updates and reminders with you…that will positively impact your experience as a subscriber to The Pursuit Newsletter.

Updates And Reminders From The Pursuit Newsletter

#1. UPDATE - NEW Newsletter Design - To make our newsletter easier for you to read, we have updated and refreshed the way our newsletter looks. We hope you like it as much as we do. If you have any thoughts or feedback about it, please hit reply on this email to let us know.

#2. UPDATE - NEW Newsletter Sections Added - Get ready to start seeing new “content sections” in future newsletter issues! All current (and new) “content sections” have been inspired by what our team believe needs to be added to the newsletter, and from your personal feedback.

In today’s issue, we have included two new sections.

  • Your Personal Newsletter Business Journey - INTERACTIVE CONTENT

  • Newsletter Business Reflections - FREE-FORM CONTENT

Expect to see more new sections that will add value to you in 2024!

Every single one of these “content sections” that we add to our newsletter in the future will provide you with more valuable content to help you grow your newsletter business.

These two new sections are just the beginning to what we have in store for you in the future…so stay tuned!

As always…

Your feedback about our newsletter’s content is always appreciated.

#3. REMINDER - We Are ALWAYS Listening - To provide you with a newsletter that you always look forward to reading, please keep in mind that we are always paying attention to what you send us (feedback/comments).

If there is something that you want to say (or need help with) you can always hit “reply” on any email you receive to reach us directly.

As a team, we really enjoy hearing from you because it allows us to figure out solutions to the problems and challenges you may be facing as you pursue your intended outcomes with your business.

#4. REMINDER - Our Newsletter Sending FREQUENCY - We are currently sending our newsletter on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month.

Please make a note about this in your 2024 calendar (phone calendar).

For the month of December 2023, you will notice that we changed the days when sent the newsletter due to how the Christmas holiday fell this year. We will be back on our normal sending schedule starting in January 2024.

Let’s get to work!

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Table Of Contents

  1. Your Personal Newsletter Business Journey (A Question)

  2. Newsletter Business Reflections

  3. Rapid Fire Newsletter Business Building Tip

  4. Need More Subscribers? Read This Now!

  5. Final Reminders From The Team

What Is The Status Of Your Newsletter Business?

This section will always be in every email of The Pursuit Newsletter

Why? Scroll down and read the question we ask you in red text

As a loyal subscriber to The Pursuit Newsletter, you already know that…

The Pursuit Newsletter focuses 100% on serving many different “types” of individuals in the “Newsletter Business Owner” niche. Our goal is to help individuals build a successful media company using a newsletter business.

When people find us, they usually fall into one of these "buckets” below:

  1. Someone who does not know what a newsletter business is, and who doesn’t know what is possible with a newsletter business

  2. Someone who knows about building a newsletter business, but they haven’t taken any action to start a newsletter business yet

  3. Someone who recently started a newsletter business, but they haven’t officially launched their newsletter business yet

  4. Someone who recently launched their newsletter business, but they haven’t officially monetized their newsletter business yet

  5. Someone who recently started monetizing their newsletter, but they haven’t reached their monetization or scaling goals yet

  6. Someone who reached their “scale” and “monetization” goals, but they don’t know what to do “next” for whatever reason.

What does this all mean for you? It’s quite simple really…

The Pursuit Newsletter Will Always Be Focused On Being One Of The Most Valuable Resources (and Organizations) In The Marketplace For Individuals Who Are Committed To Building A Successful Media Company That Succeeds In A Massive Way…Using A Newsletter Business Model To Make It Happen!

This is (and always will) be our #1 focus as an organization, and will be illustrated to you (and the market) in everything that we choose to create and implement over the lifetime of our business.

Now, given the specific categories of those that we serve…

We as a company know that those in our market will eventually get to a point with their media company where they will either want to…

  1. Continue growing and creating success (increasing revenue/profit)

  2. Choose to sell their media company to an interested buyer (exit)

The main thing to understand right now is…

Neither option is “better” than the other, because your choice should be based on your personal preference as a business owner given where you are in your life.

Every media company creator (using a newsletter business as its center), wants something different over the long run, and the best part is that you as a business owner get to choose the path you want to follow.

Whatever outcome you choose to work towards (as a newsletter business owner) should be what is most in alignment with what you want for your life over the next 5-10 years.

As we have seen over the last 10 years, these specific newsletter businesses below all went down the path of being acquired…

  • Industry Dive (Sold after 10 Years of work)

  • Morning Brew (Sold after 5 Years of work)

  • The Hustle (Sold after 4 Years of work)

  • The Peak (Sold after 3 Years of work)

  • Milk Road (Sold after 10 Months of work)

Even though these businesses were purchased by an interested buyer, it does not mean that you need to follow their path (but it is a potential option for you to consider if that is what you want).

Regardless of the outcome you want to work towards, The Pursuit Newsletter will be here to serve you every step of the way.

So now, with all of that being said, here is our question to you…

Question: Given the current status of your newsletter business, what are you working towards, and what do you need the most help with right now?

Take Action Now: Hit reply on this email right now and let us know! We as a team are committed to providing you with what you need so that you can take the forward moving action that is required to make your media company goals (using a newsletter) a reality!

After sending us your email…

It will be the start to your personal business relationship with the team, and will put you into the position to win if you are committed to creating massive success.

We look forward to your email about the current “status” of your newsletter, and can’t wait to hear about your newsletter business story, (and how we can help you) right now.

Talk Soon & Be Well,
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

P.S. Don’t be shy, feel free to “let it all hang out” when you reply to this email. The more info you give us to work with, the better we can serve you as a team…where we will show you exactly what to do next.

What Is The Big Picture For Your Newsletter?

This specific section is being included in our newsletter today because the team wanted to create a place for you to reflect on your newsletter business in its current state, to help you create one or two “aha” moments that will help you grow your media company more effectively. Please let us know how you liked the content in this section by replying to this email.

Have You Really Considered What You Are Doing With Your Newsletter Business (and Media Company)?

As we come to the end of 2023, we have some important questions to ask you about your newsletter business.

A couple of those questions are…

Have you taken the time over the last few weeks to step back and really consider what you are working on with your newsletter business?

Are you deeply passionate about your newsletter’s role in the marketplace, and how it is creating value for the market you serve?

If you haven’t taken the time to consider these questions above, we believe that you should…especially now at the end of 2023.

Here at The Pursuit Newsletter…

The team never loses sight of the market we are serving, what they need, and how we are focused on always creating value for them (that’s you).

We are sharing these thoughts with you because we know that…

Sometimes when building a newsletter business, looking at the numbers and analytics can take you away from what is really important (serving your subscriber in the best way possible).


Every single one of those “numbers” in your newsletter subscriber list represents a real human person on the other end of your newsletter emails.

Keeping your subscribers, and their needs/wants/desires front and center will always be the best “guiding light” for you and your business’s success.

Take a brief moment right now to consider what you are working on, and how you are currently serving your intended market.

If you need to write it down on a piece of paper, or in a journal of yours do whatever works best for you!

Is there anything with your newsletter that could be made better?

Are there specific places in your business where you can create better systems that will allow you to serve your audience more effectively?

The best part about the position of the year right now is…

You can do all of this work during the final two weeks of the year before we roll into 2024 (during your off time between holiday activities).

We here at The Pursuit Newsletter…

Look forward to seeing what you choose to do with your newsletter in the new year, and can’t wait to hear about how you grow in 2024!

If you haven’t already done so…

Please let us know what your newsletter is about by replying to this message as soon as you can!


If you haven’t launched your newsletter yet, we recommend that you visit our…“Start + Launch Content Library” which can be found on our website.

Click Here to visit the “Start + Launch Content Library” now!

Is Your Newsletter Ready For 2024?

Read this section if you are serious about executing one specific thing in your business right now that will have a direct impact on your media company’s growth in 30 days or less. This section will always be in our newsletter (until further notice) because we as a team will always be committed to providing you with what you need right now to quickly take action and create positive results.

Tip: Do Year End Planning For Your Newsletter In December

If you are a serious newsletter business owner that is committed to creating success, and you are 100% focused on crushing your 2024 goals, it is essential that you plan what needs to be planned for your newsletter to succeed in the new year.

Your planning process can be customized to what you are working on, and the current stage you are at with your newsletter.

Stage 1: Thinking about starting a newsletter
Stage 2: Started a newsletter but you haven’t launched yet
Stage 3: Getting things ready for launch day
Stage 4: Launched your newsletter and in the trenches of building/growing
Stage 5: Reached metrics that make sense to begin monetizing
Stage 6: Starting to monetize where you are focusing on scaling up
Stage 7: Reached scale for your newsletter and figuring out what is next

There is no “formal” or “right” way to do the planning for your newsletter because there are multiple different “layers” to consider inside of every single newsletter business (See the 7 stages above for proof).

What we like to say here about planning at The Pursuit Newsletter is this…

“Plan in the way that works best for you given where you are currently at in your business, and customize that plan to be in alignment with the specific outcomes you want to reach before the end of the year.”

For The Pursuit Newsletter we break down our yearly plan like this:

  1. Decide where we want our newsletter business to be before the end of the year (this is the 30,000 foot view)

  2. Decide where we want our newsletter business to be before the end of the first quarter by taking the 30,000 foot view into account (this is the 20,000 foot view)

  3. Decide where we want our newsletter business to be before the end of month 1 of 2024 taking the 30,000 and 20,000 foot view into account (this is the 1000 foot view)

  4. Decide where we want our newsletter business to be after the first 2 weeks of the year (and continue working on 2-week sprints)

The key here is to nail down the big vision for where you want your newsletter to be before the end of the new year (as much detail as possible with metrics), and then work backwards to right now to figure out what needs to be done before the new year starts.

As every “2-week sequence” is executed on a consistent basis, we recommend using “day 13” or “day 14” of every 2-week sequence to take in how the 2-week sequence went, to decide what the next 2-week sequence will look like for you.

When you plan every 2-week sequence (and tweak it accordingly) that is where you lay out and execute the “nitty-gritty” tasks and systems that support the growth of your newsletter between now and the end of the year.

Taking action…

Considering feedback…

Adjusting what you will do next…

And then taking action again within every 2-week sequence…

Will never stop.

When you get to the end of the first quarter…

Then you “rinse and repeat” the same process again in the last two weeks of the first quarter (treating it like a mini-planning session to get ready for the next quarter while still taking your end of the year goals into account).

The best part about the planning and execution of your vision with your business is that you get to make it the way you want given everything that is currently on your plate and what you are working towards.

If you need any help with this for your newsletter, don’t hesitate to reach out.

If the team needs to do it…

We will even spend some time with you over the phone to help you feel good about going into 2024 with a plan that makes sense for your business.

Just let us know by replying to this email, and we will take it from there!

Is Your 2024 Plan In Alignment With Achieving Your Newsletter Subscriber Goals?

Read this section if you are serious about efficiently building your your newsletter subscriber list with the high-quality subscribers that will make your business a massive success. This section will always be included in our newsletter (until further notice) because we as a team will always be committed to providing you with what works best to grow your newsletter subscriber list effectively.

What Will You Execute In 2024 To Reach Your Newsletter Subscriber Goals?

As you work on creating your 2024 yearly plan for your newsletter business, the one thing you will have to address is this one question.

“What will we as a team execute together to help us reach our newsletter subscriber goals?”

It is a valid question to ask because it will help you decide where you need to allocate the resources (and time) you have set aside to help grow the business into what you know it can become.

Zero In On These Nitty Gritty Detail Questions

Here are some of the “nitty-gritty detail questions” for you to consider, as you focus on answering the main question that we highlighted above.

Question 1 - What % of your marketing budget will be allocated to running paid ads that will generate fresh new subscribers into your newsletter list?

Question 2 - What specific “free traffic” tactics will you execute on a daily or weekly basis that will attract the right subscribers into your newsletter list?

Question 3 - What other specific “market engagement” tactics will you execute on a daily/weekly/monthly basis that will attract the best subscribers into your newsletter list?

Question 4 - What other questions need to be asked that will help us as a team reach our newsletter subscriber goals for the year?

When you step back to ask yourself the “nitty-gritty questions” like this, it will focus your mind on the tasks that need to be executed with you and your team to make your intended results happen.

We know that you have heard this before, but we are going to share it here again to drive our point home…

“People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan!”

Don’t be the person who ends up at the end of 2024 without reaching your newsletter subscriber goals!

If you need help thinking about the strategy (and plan) you will execute to reach your subscriber goals in 2024, please let us know. We will do what we can to support you before the new year starts!

Final Reminders For Newsletter Issue #10

Read this section if you want to stay on top of the key updates that directly impact you as a loyal subscriber to The Pursuit Newsletter. The specific reminders in this section will be changed and modified every week, and will always be relevant to you on your journey to starting, building, growing, monetizing and scaling your newsletter into an amazingly successful media company.

Final Reminder #1: Thursday January 11, 2024 is when the next issue of The Pursuit Newsletter will be sent - Make sure to set up a calendar reminder on your phone!

Final Reminder #2: We are still seeking a founding advertiser for The Pursuit Newsletter. All information about this can be found here in the “P.S. section” of the advertising page on our website.

Final Reminder #3: If you have any issues implementing or executing anything in our newsletter today, please let us know by replying to this email.

Final Reminder #4: If you need a direct link to the previous issue of The Pursuit Newsletter click here.

Final Reminder #5: Don’t forget to read this page if you are a brand new subscriber!

See You In The Next Issue & Have A Happy New Year!
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

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