The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #13

Thursday, February 8, 2024

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The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #13

Welcome to the 13th issue of The Pursuit Newsletter!

You know…

Building a newsletter business is an exciting journey.

What makes the journey even more exciting is when you start placing ads in your newsletter from other businesses that generate a consistent stream of revenue every single month.

Remember this…

When you create something of value for the market you serve, and then have advertisers show up and say, “Can I pay you to reach the audience you have built?” this is the beginning to something great!


Why are we talking about this topic in today’s newsletter issue?


At the top of this post you will notice that it says “Presented by…” and then it has a specific logo promoting another business. Below this section you will also see an image with some copy (and a call to action link) to click if it is something that you want to learn more about.

This is an advertiser we are now working with to provide you even more value beyond the value inside of this newsletter, so if what they are offering makes sense to you, be sure to explore everything they have further.

At this moment in our business…

The entire team at The Pursuit Newsletter is always looking for specific sponsors and advertisers to work with to bring even more value to you as a loyal subscriber of ours.

If you are a business owner, and are interested in advertising with us please check out this page on our site and then follow the steps.

Now that The Pursuit Newsletter is starting to work with advertisers…

Expect to see more relevant advertisements in future issues of our email newsletter that will bring even more value to you as a subscriber of ours.


Before we jump into the rest of the content for today, there is one final reminder that we want to make sure that you are aware of which is…

If you haven’t officially “started” or “launched” your newsletter business yet, click here to give us the opportunity to help you get your newsletter started on the right foot!

Ok…now it is time to get to work!

Let’s do this!

To Your Newsletter’s Success,
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

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Table Of Contents

  1. Your Personal Newsletter Business Journey (A Question)

  2. Rapid Fire Newsletter Business Building Tip

  3. Newsletter Business Traffic Generation Tips

  4. Newsletter Business Content Creation Tips

  5. Growing Your Newsletter Using YouTube

  6. Final Reminders From The Team

What Is The Status Of Your Newsletter Business?

Are you in the middle of Starting, Building, Launching, Growing, Monetizing or Scaling your newsletter business to the next level?

We have created an exclusive page for you on our website that will help you go from where you are to where you want to be.

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Is The Proper “First and Last Week Of The Month” Execution System in Place to Support Your Newsletter’s Growth?

Read this section if you are serious about executing one specific thing in your business right now that will have a direct impact on your media company’s growth in 30 days or less. This section will always be in our newsletter (until further notice) because we as a team will always be committed to providing you with what you need right now to quickly take action and create positive results.

In this previous issue of The Pursuit Newsletter (inside this one specific section of that newsletter’s issue), we covered the 4 important systems that you need to have in your business, so that it runs like a well-oiled machine through the entire year.

With that being said…

For today’s “Rapid Fire Newsletter Business Building Tip” we are going to cover the second system that needs to be created in your business if you are serious about reaching your newsletter business goals quickly.

By flushing out this one system for you in detail, and by providing you a clear way to think about creating this system for your business, it will allow you to reach your newsletter business goals faster and more effectively.

To refresh your memory…

System #2: “The Activity At The Beginning & End of The Month”

This is the system you need to build in your business that is triggered:

Part #1: During the first week of the month

Part #2: In the last week of the month

During the first and last week of the month, you can expect to have specific tasks that make sense for you to do so that you can keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.

When it comes to deciding what these specific actions are…

You must make sure that they are in alignment with keeping the business on track while also giving you and your team what they need to keep making progress on a consistent basis.

Commit to your future success right now now by investing the necessary amount of time to create and implement this second system into your business.

The two key variables that influence what your “system #2” looks like are:

#1. The Phase Of Your Business: what phase of the business are you in?

#2. Quarterly + Yearly Goals: what quarterly and yearly goals are you working towards right now?

Think about this for a second:

What needs to be done for your newsletter business at the beginning of the month in the first week, and end of the month in the last week to keep things on track and moving forward towards your intended outcome that you are working towards on a quarterly and yearly basis?

When it comes to answering that specific question for your business, only you can come up with the specific system and process that needs to be created between you and your team.

This is the “type of thinking” that should be the “starting point” when creating this specific system in your newsletter business.

Do This…

Now is the time to give you the “steps to execute” so that you can get to work and finish the first version of this system for your operation.

To create the “sequence of action” for your newsletter business in the first and last weeks of the month, here is what you need to do:

Step #1: Get clear about the phase of the business you are now in

Step #2: Get clear about your quarterly and yearly goals that you are working towards with your team

When you come up with the answer in step #1, it will be influenced by where you are right now in the business.

That means that if you are just starting out and haven’t launched yet, your process will look way different compared to the newsletter business owner who is already running ads in their newsletter on a consistent basis with 10,000+ subscribers.

The key action step here is to get clear about where you are, and how that will influence what things look like in the first and last week of every month.

When you come up with the answer in step #2, it will be influenced specifically by the quarterly and yearly goals you are now pursuing and the size and scope of what you are working towards accomplishing.

That means that if your quarterly goal is to just get everything up and launched with the newsletter, your process will look way different compared to the newsletter business owner that has already launched and is in the first 3 months being in the market.

The key action step here is to get clear and realize how the quarterly and yearly goals will influence what happens at the beginning and end of each month, and how these activities are tied to the end goals.

Once you get clear on step #1 and step #2 this is what you need to do next.

Step #1: Pull out two pieces of paper

Step #2: Label one of them “First Week Of Month”

Step #3: Label one of them “Last Week Of Month”

Step #4: Write down everything that you believe needs to be done on both sheets of paper (making sure that these activities are tied to the goals you are pursuing for the quarter and year)

Step #5: When you are done making these lists for the first and last week of the month, then it is time to choose and decide how these things will get done, and by who.

Step #6: Begin the process of implementing and executing this system into your business

Final Takeaway When Building System #2 For Your Business: Be present to and realize that the phase you are in with your business, and the goals you are pursuing on a quarterly and yearly basis really will impact what is done in the first and last week of the month.

The size of the business, and the phase that your newsletter business is in will drive and dictate what this system will ultimately look like.

As you begin to make progress in your newsletter business…

Be open to optimizing your first and last week of the month system on a consistent basis as you learn more about making your business grow faster and more effectively without stressing you or your team out.

If you need any help or guidance to create this system for your newsletter business, hit “reply” on this email so we can figure out the best way to help you.

Use This Ninja Trick With Twitter(X) To Drive Insanely Targeted Traffic Into Your Newsletter Business Website…Right Now!

Read this section if you are serious about executing one specific thing in your business right now that will have a direct impact on your media company’s website traffic in 30 days or less.

One Effective Way To Use Twitter To Reach Your Market

If you have a twitter (X) account, use this one effective strategy to drive more targeted traffic into your newsletter business website.

This strategy won’t cost you a thing, and it will be a great way to position you and your newsletter effectively in the marketplace going forward.

Although this strategy won’t cost you anything to implement, it will take investing your time to stay on top of your phone more often than usual.

Do This…

Step #1: Identify + follow all of the key twitter accounts that speak to your target market for your newsletter

Step #2: Turn on all notifications for each one of these accounts that you follow, so you are notified on your phone every time they make a post

Step #3: Stay on top of your notifications on your phone, and be sure to reply to all relevant posts each account makes, so you are the first one to comment on all of them

[KEY] By partaking in this specific activity, your reply has the highest likelihood to be seen by your market who is following that twitter account, which will inspire brand new people in your market to check out your profile.

Step #4: Monitor your results and the amount of traffic (and subscribers) you get into your newsletter business website from Twitter(X) via your analytics platform you are using for your site

Why This Simple Strategy Using Twitter(X) Works

By following and turning on all notifications for these accounts (that speak directly to the market you are serving), you are “riding the tweets” of those who already have trust with their followers.

When you engage in the conversation, and focus on adding value with every one of your replies, the followers of these target-market accounts will be naturally curious…and want to learn more about who you are.

The key here is consistency, so stick with this!


Using this strategy takes time, but when done properly over a few months you will start experience great results!

Go and take some action, and let us know how this strategy works for you.

Have You Thought About Using This Kind Of Content In Your Newsletter To Engage With Current Subscribers (and Attract New Ones)?

Read this section if you are serious about executing one specific thing in your business right now that will have a direct impact on your media company’s content that is produced in 30 days or less.

Have You Ever Thought About Creating Video Podcast Interviews For Your Subscribers?

If you are in the position where you need a “new” type of content for your newsletter, consider adding in a new section that features “video content interviews”.

This idea may or not make sense for you depending on the niche you are in, but it could work really well in certain situations.

The bottom line is…

There is a lot of “marketing power” to including these kind of interviews in your future newsletters.

Here’s why…

After you publish a newsletter with a podcast interview inside it, there is a very high likelihood that the person you interviewed will happily share your newsletter issue with their audience throughout their entire social media platform.

Not only will this give you great exposure inside the niche you are speaking to, but it will also attract more subscribers into your newsletter list.

This one section to add into your newsletter (featuring podcast interviews) can be called “Podcast of The Week” (or something in that ballpark).

Let’s talk about implementing and executing this strategy into your business.

Do This…

Step #1: Decide where and how you want to integrate this section into your newsletter, and how often you want it to show up in your newsletter in a given quarter.

Step #2: Identify specific guests that you want to interview, and reach out to them to set up an interview where you let them know what your intentions are.

Step #3: Do the podcast interview in the way that makes sense for you, with your desired “interview recording software” that is within your budget (e.g. zoom).

Step #4: Make sure you have already set up your YouTube channel for your newsletter business, and create a playlist for these specific interviews.

Step #5: Upload the interview into your YouTube playlist, and use the embed link to add this video into your newsletter at the appropriate time.

Step #6: After the newsletter has been sent to your newsletter subscriber list (and published to your site), send the person you interviewed the link to the specific newsletter issue so they can share it with their network who will get value from it.

Step #7: Ask the person you interviewed who else they believe would be a great “next interview” for you (where they can make the introduction for you) while simultaneously paying attention to the stats on your site as the data rolls in.

Step #8: Rinse and repeat this as many times as you want, and pay attention to the feedback you receive from your subscribers about this content.

Keep in mind…

Not only will your website generate traffic from this activity by putting the video interviews in your newsletter, but because you uploaded the video to YouTube it will also generate organic traffic to your site by being there as well!

Have fun creating this type of content on your newsletter business site, and please let us know if (or when) you plan on implementing this strategy!

I Have Finally Decided What My “Keywords and Phrases” Will Be To Create YouTube Content…Now What Do I Do?!

Read this section if you are serious about using YouTube to create a continual stream of targeted traffic into your newsletter website. This section will be always included in our newsletter (until further notice) to provide you with what you need right now if you are serious about using YouTube for your business. Today’s content in this section builds off of what was published last time.

Did You Read Our Last Newsletter Talking About Using YouTube?

The last time we talked about using YouTube to grow your newsletter business (inside of this specific section of that newsletter issue)…

We focused on researching keyword phrases using Google Trends to figure out the 1-3 that you will use to create content for your YouTube channel.

Here is an example of what we mean for you to fully understand

Chosen Phrase: Grow Orchids (You chose this after doing research)

In today’s step of the process, we take it one step further…

After identifying the 1-3 specific keywords or phrases that make sense to create content around…

Now is the time to see what “shows up” in YouTube search by searching those specific 1-3 phrases that you chose in the previous step.

Aside from searching the phrases directly in the YouTube search box…

You will also use the keyword/phrase (multiple variations) to see what else shows up when you change the search around.

Here is an example…

Main Phrase You Chose: “Roller Coasters”

“Variation” with Phrase: “The Biggest Roller Coasters in America”

The content you see and find via these two types of searches will inspire you to create content that is in the same ballpark, but with specific modifications that make sense for you and your newsletter business.

By gaining a better understanding about what is already created and published (and getting views) on YouTube, will help you better understand the YouTube landscape to create better content for the market to accomplish your goals.

When you invest the time to do this step effectively, you position yourself for success from day one.

Now that you have your 1-3 keywords/phrases solidified…

It is now time to execute this next phase of the process.

Do This…

Step #1: Take the first keyword or phrase and put it into the YouTube search box

Example: “Roller Coasters”

Step #2: Notice the specific pieces of content that pop up, the views they have, and the specific title of the channel and the video.

Step #3: Write down anything that sticks out to you from both perspectives. Perspective #1 is the perspective from your audiences’s shoes, and perspective #2 is the perspective from your personal shoes as a competitor for your market’s attention.

Step #4: After you get an understanding for what is popping up for the specific keyword or phrase that you selected, start playing around with using the keyword or phrase in different searches that you know your audience will be searching for to identify opportunities to create new content where there isn’t any. Make sure to take notes about what you discover as you explore what shows up given what you are searching.

Example: “The Biggest Roller Coasters In America”

Step #5: After you finish exhausting one keyword or phrase, then move to the next one and repeat the process for the other two keywords/phrases.

Step #6: After you have written down all the notes for the 1-3 keywords/phrases that you believe make sense, you should start getting ideas for specific videos that you believe need to be created. Write down any specific video titles that come to mind, and bring these to the next issue ready to work on the next step!

Final Reminder…

If you have any challenges executing this exercise, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need some help gaining the clarity you need before moving to the next step.

Final Reminders For Newsletter Issue #13

Read this section if you want to stay on top of the key updates that directly impact you as a loyal subscriber to The Pursuit Newsletter. The specific reminders in this section will be changed and modified every week, and will always be relevant to you on your journey to starting, building, growing, monetizing and scaling your newsletter into an amazingly successful media company.

Final Reminder #1: Thursday February 22, 2024 is when the next issue of The Pursuit Newsletter will be sent - Make sure to set up a calendar reminder on your phone. (We are currently sending our newsletter on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. If that changes we will let you know.)

Final Reminder #2: We are still seeking a founding advertiser for The Pursuit Newsletter. All information about this can be found here in the “P.S. section” of the advertising page of our website

Final Reminder #3: If you have any issues or challenges implementing or executing anything in our newsletter today, please let us know by replying to this email

Final Reminder #4: If you need a direct link to the previous issue of The Pursuit Newsletter click here

Final Reminder #5: Don’t forget to read this page if you are a brand new subscriber!

See You In The Next Issue & Make It A Great Day!
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

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