The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #15

Thursday, March 14, 2024

The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #15

Table Of Contents

  • Welcome to the 15th Issue of The Pursuit Newsletter

  • A New & Better Direction For The Pursuit Newsletter

  • Implementing Proven Methods, Tactics & Strategies

  • A Position To Create Massive Success

  • Newsletter launch Success: From 0 to Over 1700+ Subscribers In Less Than 4 Days

  • Final Reminders For Newsletter Issue #15

Welcome to the 15th Issue of The Pursuit Newsletter

If you recently signed up for The Pursuit Newsletter, or are already a loyal subscriber of ours, we wanted to take a brief moment to share with you why we believe you have signed up for our newsletter.

We are doing this because we want to make sure that you are in the right place to get what you need as a newsletter business owner.

4 Reasons Why We Believe You Signed Up For The Pursuit Newsletter

  1. You are 100% serious about creating a newsletter business that succeeds…no matter where you are currently starting from!

  2. You are willing to do whatever it takes to create newsletter business success in 5 years or less…even if the concept of “building a newsletter business” is totally brand new to you.

  3. You fully understand that to create a newsletter business that succeeds, you must take action on a consistent basis by implementing proven newsletter growth tactics, methods, and strategies.

  4. You are willing to accept the reality that you don’t know everything about building this kind of business, and you are committed learning and growing as necessary to reach your desired destination.

If one or more of these reasons DO NOT ALIGN with why you signed up for our newsletter, please do yourself a favor and unsubscribe from our newsletter list. The unsubscribe link is at the bottom of this email.


If everything above is 100% accurate about why you signed up, keep reading because you are going to absolutely love today’s newsletter.

Enjoy the rest of the content, and we look forward to your feedback!

To Your Success,
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

A New & Better Direction For The Pursuit Newsletter

This section in today’s newsletter is where we will explain how we are going to continually focus on making the newsletter better and more valuable for you as a subscriber over the long term.

If you are still here after reading the first section above…

Congratulations! It’s great that you have chosen to stay with us!

The bottom line is…

  1. We know that you are busy

  2. Your time is valuable

  3. We want every piece of content that we create for you to provide you with the maximum amount of value in the shortest time possible, so that you can achieve your newsletter business goals quickly, efficiently and effectively.

After reviewing previously published issues of The Pursuit Newsletter, and after hearing your feedback, we believe that we have now found an even better way to package the value we want to provide you as a member of our newsletter list.


When you read the story covered below about how a newsletter (that’s run by the LLC that owns and controls The Pursuit Newsletter) went from 0 to 1700+ subscribers in less than 4 days…

You will see how we execute on this promise for you (and will execute on it in the future).

We also want you to know that when it comes to reading this newsletter and getting value from it…

It does not matter what niche you are in…


Where you are currently starting from…

As long as your newsletter business website…

  1. Allows subscribers the ability to sign up for your newsletter…

  2. Has some content that people can read before signing up…

  3. Has an owner (you) behind it who is committed to creating success…

You are now in the driver seat (and in the best possible position) to get the most amount of value from our newsletter going forward.

That also means that…

If you are currently in the position where you DO NOT HAVE your newsletter business up and running yet (with a working website)…

Go to our Start Here Page right now so you can get that done, or you can click the button below to start the process from “square one”.

Once you get your newsletter business site up (and launched) into the marketplace, it will allow you to get the most amount of value from The Pursuit Newsletter going forward so you can start creating results!

Implementing Proven Methods, Tactics & Strategies

This section in today’s newsletter is a reminder to you about the context we are working inside of with The Pursuit Newsletter, and how we will always be thinking about creating value for you as one of our subscribers.

Here at The Pursuit Newsletter…

When we as a team come across specific methods, tactics and/or strategies (that we know will help you reach your newsletter business goals)…

These methods, tactics & strategies will always be covered and explained for you in the clearest possible way inside every newsletter issue we send you.

To “contextualize” what that means for you…

Allow us to take things one step further…

Going forward, every method, tactic and/or strategy we talk about in our newsletter will more than likely fit inside of one of these content buckets below.

  1. Increasing free targeted traffic into your newsletter business site

  2. Implementing paid media traffic tactics effectively for a good CPA

  3. Maximizing the conversion rate for all traffic coming to your site

  4. Growing revenue and profit for your newsletter business

  5. Building your authority and reach effectively across platforms

  6. Everything else that matters to growing a newsletter business effectively (with your feedback as our guide) (read: send us email)

If you continue to stay subscribed to The Pursuit Newsletter, we as a team will always assume that you:

  1. Have your entire newsletter business site up and running

  2. Are focused on driving more traffic and getting more subscribers

  3. Are seeking out more effective ways to monetize your newsletter

  4. Are searching for better ways to achieve your goals faster

Every piece of content we create will always be in alignment with everything in this section.

As we continually create content for you, please let us know how we are doing so that we can make things even better for you over time.

A Position to Create Massive Success

Now that you have gotten to this section of the newsletter…

You are now in the position to read one of the best online email newsletters that will support the growth of your newsletter business from where you are to where you want to be in 5 years or less.

By reading, learning and implementing everything you learn in this issue (and beyond), you will be well on your way to achieving newsletter business success.

Let’s dive into the next section shall we!

Newsletter Launch Success: From 0 to Over 1700+ Subscribers In Less Than 4 Days

A brand new newsletter was launched on Monday March 11 at 8am EST.

And then…

Before Friday morning at 8am EST, the newsletter itself had accumulated over 1700+ subscribers (less than 4 days).

How do we at The Pursuit Newsletter know about this story?

FACT: The newsletter that achieved this result is owned and controlled by the same LLC that owns and controls The Pursuit Newsletter, so we have access to the growth tactics they implemented to create a result like this!

Here is the screenshot of the image you need to see for the story as “proof” that this actually did happen this week. This screenshot was taken this morning (on Friday March 15th).

Keep reading to understand how this result was created.

So you now may be wondering…

How was this new newsletter able to achieve growth like this in such a short amount of time?

Here are the big things you need to know to understand about how this kind of growth was manufactured in such a short amount of time.

Fact #1: The newsletter was launched into a Facebook page with over 36,000+ fans/followers via multiple different posts Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (launch posts).

Fact #2: The admin of the facebook page spent well over 6+ months building trust and rapport with the audience before he promoted anything to the FB page

Fact #3: The admin of the facebook page has specific ways to engage with people in the comments to drive them to the sign up page without annoying people or making them feel uncomfortable (We will share these tips below)

Fact #4: The newsletter was free to sign up for, and is something that the audience was already engaging with on a massive scale in the facebook page to begin with. Signing up for this newsletter was a “natural yes” given the experience the admin created on his facebook page with the audience.

Fact #5: The admin “teased the page’s followers” with at least 3 posts explaining that something big was coming (On Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) before the launch day, and that they should be ready for it at 8am EST on Monday.

Here are some of the tactics the admin used to engage with the fans of the page (via posts) to drive them to the sign up page for the newsletter.

Tactic #1: The first post he made on Monday at 8am EST said, “To read the big announcement, read the first comment below” - This allowed him to focus the attention on one specific thing to drive the click over to the sign up page

Tactic #2: The second kind of post he made shortly after the first post on Monday was a “If you can see this say YES” post. When someone commented with “Yes” he would reply with a small custom message that was relevant that drove the person to the sign up page.

Tactic #3: The admin made a specific graphic with a tagline and a link to the homepage of the newsletter so people could sign up. After posting it on his facebook page, he also posted it to his “story” so it could get the maximum amount of exposure possible.

Here are some of the final things that he did to drive a ton of targeted traffic into the sign up page

Final Thing #1: The admin is also an admin of a couple massive groups that are between 50,000-100,000+ members in the group. Given the way facebook works, he was able to do @everyone posts and drive targeted traffic from those groups to any link he wanted

Final Thing #2: Because the niche he is building this newsletter inside of is a very tight knit niche, there are also a good chunk of people who have already been referred to the newsletter by friends because of the nature of the newsletter and the value the newsletter provides people.

Final Thing #3: After someone signs up, they are sent an email to make sure they do all of the correct things to ensure the future deliverability of the emails that are sent to the list

Final Thing #4: In the email that is sent after sign up, the admin also asks two questions. One of the questions is related directly to the newsletter, and the other question asks how they found out about the newsletter. These two pieces of data alone give him everything he needs to effectively steer the ship in the first 15-30+ days.

In Closing

The key thing to understand about the growth of this newsletter this week is that it was centered mainly around using a facebook page with a massive following, and using @everyone posts inside of facebook groups to drive the traffic to the right place to get people to sign up.

Another important thing to note is that the content for the newsletter made sense for a daily newsletter Monday through Friday.

Subscribers will get one email Monday - Friday in the morning, and it will be something they look forward to getting every single day day given the experience that the admin created on the facebook page to begin with.


Building trust and rapport with people on a facebook page works. Most of the people who signed up right from the start already established a massive amount of trust and rapport with the admin of the page before they were ever pitched anything.

Final Reminders For Newsletter Issue #15

Read this section if you want to stay on top of the key updates that directly impact you as a loyal subscriber to The Pursuit Newsletter. The specific reminders in this section will be changed and modified every week, and will always be relevant to you on your journey to starting, building, growing, monetizing and scaling your newsletter into an amazingly successful media company.

Final Reminder #1: Thursday March 28, 2024 is when the next issue of The Pursuit Newsletter will be sent - Make sure to set up a calendar reminder on your phone. (We are currently sending our newsletter on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. If that changes we will let you know.)

Final Reminder #2: We are still seeking a founding advertiser for The Pursuit Newsletter. All information about this can be found here in the “P.S. section” of the advertising page of our website

Final Reminder #3: If you have any issues or challenges implementing or executing anything in our newsletter today, please let us know by replying to this email

Final Reminder #4: If you need a direct link to the previous issue of The Pursuit Newsletter click here

Final Reminder #5: Don’t forget to read this page if you are a brand new subscriber!

Final Reminder #6: Given the previous sections we included in the previous issues, we are figuring out even better ways to incorporate this kind of content back into the newsletter in the future. You will see more great updates made to the content and flow of our newsletter over the next 6-10 issues. If there is something that you really want us to create for you, please reply to this email and let us know!

See You In The Next Issue & Make It A Great Day!
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

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