The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #16

Thursday, March 28, 2024

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The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #16

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Welcome to the 16th Issue of The Pursuit Newsletter

Today is a really amazing day for The Pursuit Newsletter!

Here is what that means for you (and us).

Because you have already opened up the email, we are sure that you can already tell by now that…

We just rolled out multiple improvements (and formatting changes) that will provide you a more pleasurable reading and content consumption experience that we hope will keep you coming back for more with every newsletter issue we send you.

Here are the three biggest things you will notice now going forward:

  • New Clickable TOC Links: You will now be able to click any of the links in the table of contents to be instantly brought to that specific section in the newsletter. We are really excited about implementing this feature in our newsletter to create an even better reading and consumption experience for you and our other subscribers.

  • A New Revamped “Newbie” Section Below: You will now see a specific section under this “Welcome” section that caters directly to the new person who has just recently entered our industry for the first time. This section has been placed here on purpose to welcome brand new people into our community, while also giving them the best “first steps” possible to get up and running quickly!

  • New Sponsorship Placement: We chose to modify the placement of our sponsor’s ad in our newsletter going forward. Until further notice, we will keep the sponsors ad placement in the section above this welcome section of the newsletter. We believe this is the best place for the sponsors ad given all the feedback we have received from our community up to now. If you have anymore feedback about this, please hit reply on this message and let us know!

New Modifications Bring A Totally Better Experience!

Every single one of these modifications we made to our newsletter were created with you in mind as our loyal subscriber who is committed to creating newsletter business success!

The Pursuit Newsletter team is (and always will be) passionate about creating the best possible content, resources, tips, strategies and methods for you, so that you can achieve your newsletter business goals in the most efficient way possible!

So with all of that in mind…

There is one last thing we need to bring up to you before you dive into the content for our newsletter today, and that is this…

As you dive into our newsletter today, make sure you pay attention to the big message we are focused on sending you.

And that message today is this…

How are you thinking about the “execution” of getting in front of your market “on demand”, in the best most effective way possible, so that you can achieve your newsletter business goals in the shortest time possible?

Every newsletter business owner who is serious about creating top and bottom line results should always be keeping this specific question “top of mind” as they continually pursue their desired outcomes.

So without further delay…

Let’s jump into today’s issue, and get to work!

To Your Success,
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

P.S. In the previous issue of our newsletter (5th section), we covered a specific online newsletter growth story where they went from 0-1700+ subscribers in less than 4 days. In full disclosure, we want you to personally know that The Pursuit Newsletter team is currently working with that team’s newsletter to create success. Another important point that needs to be made is that the LLC that owns The Pursuit Newsletter also owns everything under the newest newsletter that created that story. We hope this clears things up for you if that previous story about the explosive subscriber growth created any short-term confusion for you about our relationship with that newsletter.

Read This if You Are Brand New to The Newsletter Industry

If you are brand new to the online email newsletter business industry, you must understand these three important details.

New To The Newsletter Business? Read This Section Now!

#1. Need Help Creating and Launching Your Newsletter? Do This Now!

If you have never launched a newsletter business before, and you need help getting started, click the “Let’s Go” button below this paragraph right now…

How will clicking the “Let’s Go” button help you right now?

When you click “Let’s Go”, you will be instantly directed to the specific area on our website that will give you easy access to the information you need as a brand new newsletter business owner to create success.

Every single piece of content you will have access to (written in a step-by-step manner), will successfully help you start and launch your newsletter business into the marketplace without any speed bumps or roadblocks.

The learning experience you will go through on our site assumes that:

  1. You are starting your newsletter business completely from scratch

  2. You have never started or launched a newsletter business before

We created this “step-by-step” learning experience for you on our site because…

We are 100% fully committed to creating the best experiences possible for people just like you who are serious about building a successful newsletter business, even though you may not know where to start or what to do right now.

If you have the drive and desire to create newsletter business success, this is where you should start. Click “Let’s Go” right now to begin your journey.

#2. The Pursuit Newsletter is for Current Newsletter Business Owners

The Key Detail You Need to Understand About Point #2

For you to get the most amount of value from The Pursuit Newsletter on a continual basis, you must be actively building and growing a newsletter business.

Here’s why…

Every topic we cover in our email newsletter directly relates and applies to specific newsletter business owners who are actively taking action with their newsletter business every single week.

If you haven’t launched your newsletter yet, click “Let’s Go” right now so you can get things started today!

#3. Still Need More Help Reaching Your Newsletter Business Goals?

The Key Detail You Need to Understand About Point #3

If you are in the position where you still need help reaching your newsletter business goals, hit “reply” on this email, and let us know what is going on.

Our team will always be here to listen and understand what you are going through, so that we can create the best products, services and solutions that will help you overcome whatever is challenging you on the path to creating newsletter business success.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Relevant & Important News Stories For Newsletter Owners

Recently there have been two main stories, in the media that we wanted to cover in the newsletter today that indirectly impact you as a newsletter business owner.

We also decided to include an interesting story about an update to Google Maps (coming soon) that will help those newsletter business owners who are building a newsletter for a specific local area.

Story #1: TikTok May Get Banned In The USA Soon - Here’s The Update

Our Unfiltered Thought About This Story: If you are only reaching your audience with TikTok, now is the time to think about building a newsletter. If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you already know that! 😁 

Story #2: The New March 2024 Google Update Is Impacting Everybody

Our Unfiltered Thought About This Story: If you continue creating valuable content online for your “Market of Humans” without using an Ai robot, you should be more than OK over the long run with your newsletter business website. Let Google do its thing and you will reap the rewards over time.

Story #3: Google Maps Gets An Upgrade: A Gem For Local Newsletters

Our Unfiltered Thought About This Story: If you run an email newsletter for your (or another) local area, this is great news for you! Use this new update as a way to create content for the local newsletter you are producing! Talk about an amazing “newsletter hack” to implement into your local newsletter business!

Final Thoughts About These News Stories Today

As each one of these stories continue to play out over time, we will make sure to stay on top of them, and provide you with the updates you need to know as they happen.

The “Mindset Growth Hack” to Get Better Results Faster

If you are focused and committed to getting better results in your newsletter business, (and other areas of your life for that matter) borrow this “Mindset Growth Hack” and use it wherever you believe it is appropriate.

What is this “Mindset Growth Hack” you ask?

Read this statement below very carefully (twice if you have to):

Before taking action to execute something, focus more on learning “how to think about the execution of that one thing, before actually taking the steps to execute it!”.


We are clearly saying to you that you need to “level up” the way you are thinking about the method of execution, before blindly following what somebody else is doing (or telling you to do)…just because it is working for them.

In these two previous statements above, what we are really saying is that…

Nike’s slogan of “Just Do It” may not always serve you here in life and/or your business over the long run.


It is better to understand how you need to be thinking about creating success with something…before actually pulling the trigger and moving forward with it.

Think about this…

If you run into any successful person in this world, don’t focus on “what they do” focus more on how they are thinking about things that they choose to do before they ever take any action on doing any of them!

This is where the gold is (that most individuals miss) when interacting with a successful person.

Most people look for the “answers” first…

Instead of taking the time to learn how the successful person is thinking and approaching the way they live their lives, or build their business’s.

To illustrate our point even further, read this one example below that you as a newsletter business owner can directly relate to.

Imagine for a second that you get the opportunity to speak to a media buyer who is absolutely crushing their online paid media campaigns to attract high quality newsletter subscribers.

The CPA for every campaign they have run up to this point is $1 or less per subscriber, and the size of their newsletter list is impressive (100,000+ subscribers, where 80% of them came from paid media).

If you approached them, and had the opportunity to ask them a question…

What would be your first question?

Most people would probably ask…

“What do I NEED TO DO to get the lowest CPA possible when running paid media campaigns to attract high quality newsletter subscribers?”

Can you see how this question focuses more on the “show me how to do it angle” VS the angle in which we illustrated above about “knowing and understanding how to think” before actually taking any action?


Here’s our take, and how the team at The Pursuit Newsletter would approach that conversation with the successful media buyer/newsletter owner…

Instead of asking a “How To Do It” question…

Like the one illustrated above…

We would instead ask this…

Recommended Question: “How are you thinking about the creation and execution of your paid media campaign, to drive the best results possible, BEFORE you actually take action and create everything you need to run the campaign successfully?”

“Furthermore…How are you approaching the ‘process of execution’ before actually executing on what you come up with in step 1?”

Can you see how this is a deeper (and better) question to ask the media buyer/newsletter owner versus the one question that we know most people would normally ask?

Do you also see how…

The answer to our question provides us with more long-term implementable value in the future, compared to the first question (which only talks about the “doing” and “executing” of the campaign right now with the current set of circumstances of the moment in the marketplace)?


Look at this “Mindset Growth Hack” for what it is, and nothing more!

By comparing the two “initial questions” against one another…

Are you able to clearly see how our question (the second question) will provide more insights and valuable information that you would be able to take with you into the future, so that you can implement action effectively without needing the help of that one individual ever again?

Yes…Us too.

Think about this now…

If the one individual you asked question #1 to just replied with…

“Make your ads like this, set up the campaign like that, and run the campaign for 14 days…”

Do you see how you aren’t getting any “understanding” about how he made his decision to execute and set the campaign that way?!


You see…

Things may work well for you within the the first 14 days, but as you probably already figured out by now…

You would eventually end up having to go back to the same person for the next step after those 14 days are up.

As you have most likely figured out by now…

That isn’t a very efficient process for you (or them) to follow!

The last thing you want to have happen is…

You eventually are left holding the bag without the skill of “thinking” or the innate “ability” to come up with the next thing you will need to do, so that you can continue making progress.

Bringing this “Mindset Hack” Home

Knowing how the successful media buyer thinks in this one example, and then applying this kind of “thinking” and approach to the multiple layers of your business and life, will serve you 1000x better over the long run as a human being who is committed to creating excellence in their life.

How to Think About Building a Newsletter Business

As a serious newsletter business owner, you are now probably asking yourself…

How do I need to be thinking right now, to help me effectively grow my newsletter business?

Here at The Pursuit Newsletter, this “Visual Word Picture” below explains the answer visually from a 30,000 foot view.

The User Journey For Your Newsletter Subscribers

Audience Member - Your future subscribers start in a specific audience that you believe aligns with the newsletter that you are building. Being clear about the specific audience you are targeting, and how it aligns with your newsletter’s positioning in the marketplace is crucial. There are many ways to find your reachable audience in the marketplace.

Your Initial Engagement - This next step of the process is where you “meet” or “engage” with your potential subscribers inside of the specific channel that makes sense for you both (based on the previous research you did). The initial engagement with you audience can either happen online or offline, and the methods you choose to implement inside of that engagement will either cost you time, money or both.

Content/Experience/Feeling - This is where your audience is exposed to specific content that you created for them, or where they get the opportunity to have a specific experience with your business based on what you believe is best. The content and/or experience that you provide them creates a specific feeling for them that influences the next step they take with you.

Generate Traffic/Visit - As the audience is going through your content and/or having the specific experience you created for them, it will most likely lead to a point where they find themselves on your newsletter’s sign up page. In the online world this is specifically referred to as a “visit” and in the general sense is always referred to as “website traffic”.

Conversion Decision - When your audience gets to the point where they are on your newsletter’s sign up page, this is where all of the work you did leading up to this moment either “pays off” or leaves you with the reality that you made a mistake. As your potential subscriber is sitting on your newsletter sign up page, they make a decision by asking themselves this question, “Do I sign up for this newsletter based on my previous experience, or do I click off and move on?”.

Customer/User Experience - For those who decide to sign up for your newsletter, you then get to create the entire customer/user experience for them on the front end any way you want.

Trust + Loyalty + Feedback - As your new subscriber experiences your opt-in process, and starts receiving your newsletter, trust/loyalty will form (with some positive feedback thrown in), or the subscriber eventually leaves. If you are lucky, you may get feedback from those who leave, but it doesn’t always happen that way.

You Decide What’s Next - For those subscribers that stay with you forever after signing up, there are so many ways you can take the relationship to the next level. The choice about what you choose to do next is entirely up to you.

Now that you understand the user experience framework laid out above, there is a high probability that you may be asking yourself, how can I start reaching my market more effectively right now?

And better yet…

How can I reach them effectively without spending any money?

Scroll down to the next section to get what you are looking for.

How to Reach Your Market on Demand Without Spending $

To stay in line with the theme of our newsletter today which is…

“Learning how to think about executing things better, before actually executing them for your newsletter business”…

Reaching your market “on demand” without having to spend money on ads is one of the easiest things to do in this day and age of the Internet.

Back when the Internet stared in the early 2000’s, there weren’t many ways for you to reach your market if you were building an online email newsletter business.

But thankfully things have changed!

Below is a list of possibilities for you to explore to find specific places online where you can find and strategically engage with your ideal market to help you grow your newsletter business’s subscriber list more effectively.

10 Effective Ways to Reach Your Market On Demand Without Spending Any Money

When reading this list, please keep in mind that we are only covering “How To Reach” the market.

The intention for sharing this list with you is not to explain how to effectively “use” a method covered to get a specific result.

That specific kind of content will come in later issues of The Pursuit Newsletter, so stay tuned, sit tight, and tell your newsletter business owner friends…so they don’t miss out on any of the goods either!

  1. Forums - Look for specific online forums where your audience “hangs out” and talks about specific topics that are directly related to your newsletter.

  2. Facebook Groups - Look for specific Facebook groups where people are talking about topics that are related to your newsletter.

  3. Twitter Communities - Look for specific Twitter/(X) communities inside Twitter/(X) that make sense to engage with.

  4. Other Online “Walled Garden” Groups - Find other social media sites that have created specific areas on their sites that are similar to what Facebook and Twitter(X) have done with their groups.

  5. Reddit (specific subreddits) - Look for specific subreddits on the website where you know your audience is hanging out and talking about specific content that is directly related to your newsletter’s topic.

  6. Other Content Websites Accepting Guest Posts - Find other content rich websites that accept guest posts that you know your audience is reading, and interacting with on a consistent basis.

  7. Other Email Newsletters Accepting Guests Articles - Find other newsletters that are allowing guest authors to produce content for the newsletter (on top of the main creator of the newsletter).

  8. Engage With Tweets (Use Twitter(X) Search) - Look for tweets that are talking about the topic of your newsletter, and engage with those individuals.

  9. Comment Sections Of YouTube Videos - Look for videos that are talking about the topic of your newsletter, and engage with the relevant comments on these specific videos.

  10. Other Comment Sections Anywhere Else Online - Look for other places online where your audience is commenting and engaging on content that you know you could also participate in.

This is a small sampling of what is truly possible when it comes to reaching your market on demand without spending any money.

As stated at the beginning of this section…

Future issues of The Pursuit Newsletter will focus on flushing out how to utilize each individual method to help you grow your newsletter subscriber list more effectively.

If you have anymore ideas based on the list above that you believe need to be added, please hit reply on this email and let us know!

We will happily give you a shoutout in our next newsletter for taking the time to reply! Also - please let us know how long you have been building your newsletter for, and what you need the most help with right now!

The Genius Accounting System “Setup” For $10M/Year

Here at The Pursuit Newsletter, we always operate as if you are a serious newsletter business owner that is destined for great success.

That is why when we find specific pieces of content online (that we know will add a massive amount of value to you as a business owner), we will make sure that you get the opportunity to go through it as well.

This piece of content below was created by an entrepreneur named Olly Richards who runs a business that does over $10MM/Year in revenue.

In this video, he explains how he has set up his entire accounting/finance system with his team, and how it operates from start to finish.

This system he built for his business is absolutely genius, and is something every single newsletter business owner in our community will get value from.


As you continue creating success in your newsletter business, don’t forget about this video.

It will definitely come in handy when your business requires you to build a system like this to ensure the future financial stability of the company (and to maintain your sanity)!

Did You See This Amazing “Newsletter Story” Shared on X?

If you need some inspiration today, we have an amazing story to share with you that we came across yesterday.

Click the button below to read the entire story from beginning to end (It’s a Twitter(X) thread) that tells the story better than we could ever tell it.

No really…click the button below now, you won’t regret it…Promise!

Reply back to this email with your thoughts about the story!

The tweet above is how the story starts…

Seriously…Go and click the button now!

Final Reminders From The Pursuit Newsletter

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These specific reminders will be updated in each newsletter issue.

Final Reminder #1
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Final Reminder #3
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Final Reminder #4
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See You In The Next Issue!
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