The Quickest Way To Create Your First Newsletter Business Logo

Read this if you need help creating your newsletter business logo without a big budget or a lot of time.

Use Canva To Quickly and Easily Create Your First Newsletter Business Logo

Before you focus on creating the first logo for your newsletter business

Make sure that before you read any further, that you have read and completed the steps in the articles linked below! Skipping ahead won’t help you here, so get this stuff done for your business before moving forward!

If you are ready to dive in and start creating the logo for your newsletter business, the process may initially seem overwhelming at first until you find out about the amazing website called Canva.

We at The Pursuit Newsletter recommend that you use Canva from the start to create your first logo (and any other initial creative for that matter) because it is just so dang easy!

Canva gives you more than enough templates to choose from in their free account level. This allows you to create an initial logo that works right out of the gate for everything you need when getting started in the newsletter business.

You won’t have to hire any expensive graphic design people to create your logo for you, and you can complete any and all graphics that you need for all of your social media profiles quickly.

One great feature about the Canva website and solution is that if you need to create different sizes for certain created logo graphics, that you plan on using on multiple different platforms, it is really easy to get that done!

Down the road in your newsletter business building journey, you will have the ability to transform your logo into something better, but until that makes financial sense to do so, Canva is the place where you can get everything done while still looking 100% professional now and in the future.

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