The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #17

Thursday, April 11, 2024

The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #17

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Welcome to the 17th Issue of The Pursuit Newsletter

If you are ready to take your newsletter business to the next level, you are really going to love today’s issue of The Pursuit Newsletter.

Let’s jump right in!

Today’s theme for The Pursuit Newsletter is very simple.

It focuses on a key topic that applies to every single newsletter business owner…no matter where they are right now in their newsletter business.

The best way for us to illustrate the theme for today’s newsletter…

Is by highlighting a key question every single newsletter business owner asks themselves multiple times per week (yes…even before they launch their newsletter business at the beginning of their journey).

Here’s the question…

What do I need to execute on the front end right now to drive the right kind of traffic into my newsletter business website, so that I can attract and retain the best subscribers possible for my business?

Here’s the bottom line…

When you know how to answer this question (and implement what you come up with effectively), you literally have the keys to the kingdom!


If you are struggling to answer this question right now for your newsletter business, make sure you read this entire newsletter from beginning to end.

What can you really expect from the newsletter today?

Expect to learn specific things you can implement right now that will help you effectively answer this question above!

Here is what is exciting.

The moment you begin figuring out the answer to this one question highlighted above…

Is the moment you start getting the clarity and confidence you need to take massive action on the front end…to generate amazing results quickly!

So as always…

Please hit “reply” on this email if you need any help whatsoever for your specific newsletter business.

We as a team are always committed to your success, and want you to make your newsletter business goals happen sooner rather than later!

Enjoy the rest of the content today, and we look forward to your reply back with your thoughts, feedback and/or comments!

To Your Success,
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

Read This if You Are Brand New to The Newsletter Industry

If you are brand new to the online email newsletter business industry, you must understand these three important details.

New To The Newsletter Business? Read This Section Now!

#1. Need Help Creating and Launching Your Newsletter? Do This Now!

If you have never launched a newsletter business before, and you need help getting started, click the “Let’s Go” button below this paragraph right now…

How will clicking the “Let’s Go” button help you right now?

When you click “Let’s Go”, you will be instantly directed to the specific area on our website that will give you easy access to the information you need as a brand new newsletter business owner.

Every single piece of content you will have access to (written in a step-by-step manner), will successfully help you start and launch your newsletter business into the marketplace without any hesitation.

The learning experience you will go through on our site assumes that:

  1. You are starting your newsletter business completely from scratch

  2. You have never started or launched a newsletter business before

We created this “step-by-step” learning experience for you on our site because…

We are 100% fully committed to creating the best experiences possible for people just like you who are serious about building a successful newsletter business, even though you may not know where to start or what to do right now.

If you have the drive and desire to create newsletter business success, this is where you should start. Click “Let’s Go” right now to begin your journey.

#2. The Pursuit Newsletter is for Current Newsletter Business Owners

The Key Detail You Need to Understand About Point #2

For you to get the most amount of value from The Pursuit Newsletter on a continual basis, you must be actively building and growing a newsletter business.

Here’s why…

Every topic we cover in our email newsletter directly relates and applies to specific newsletter business owners who are actively taking action with their newsletter business every single week.

If you haven’t launched your newsletter yet, click “Let’s Go” right now so you can get things started today!

#3. Still Need More Help Reaching Your Newsletter Business Goals?

The Key Detail You Need to Understand About Point #3

If you are in the position where you still need help reaching your newsletter business goals, hit “reply” on this email, and let us know what is going on.

Our team will always be here to listen and understand what you are going through, so that we can create the best products, services and solutions that will help you overcome whatever is challenging you on the path to creating newsletter business success.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

How To Think About Driving Traffic To Your Newsletter Website

Before you started your newsletter business…

Did you invest the right amount of time on the front end to sit down and figure out how you were going to drive the “right kind of traffic” into your newsletter business website before you pushed “publish” on the website itself?

Come on, be honest!

Don’t worry…you are not alone!


No matter what your answer is…

This section of our newsletter today will bring things back to the beginning, and give you an effective way to approach the process of driving the right kind of traffic into your newsletter business, so you can easily achieve your subscriber and revenue goals.

When it comes to driving traffic into your newsletter business website, it all starts with the audience you are creating your newsletter for.

By putting the audience front and center, everything else will fall into place after that.


When you first sit down and take the time to focus in on the audience itself, (and what is important to them), these specific questions should come up for you at the beginning.

The initial questions that come up will focus on “where” they can be reached, and as you work your way down it will get more into the “nitty gritty” of the audience itself that will inspire your future actions.

Check out these questions below to see what we mean:

Question: Where does my audience “hang out” online?

Question: What specific “free” ways can I reach this audience to drive them to my newsletter sign up page?

Question: What specific ways can I reach this audience through paid media campaigns where I can drive them to my newsletter’s sign up page?

Question: What is my audience mainly talking about on a weekly basis, and how can I use this information to find other places where they hang out online…where I could maybe even place an ad?

Question: What does my audience spend time paying attention to?

Question: What specific websites does my audience hang out on every single week?

Question: What specific influencers and online personalities does my audience like to pay attention to on a weekly basis?

Question: What books and/or magazines does my audience like to read on a monthly basis?

Question: What TV shows/TV series does my audience like to watch every single week?

Question: What other questions am I not asking about my audience that will help me learn more about them and where they can be reached?

You see where we are going with this?

Once you have a really good idea about the audience you are serving (how to reach them, and the specific details about them), taking things to the next level is relatively easy because the answers to these questions above guide your next steps with ease!

Suggestion For You Right Now: Pull out a sheet of paper and brainstorm everything that comes up for you as you ask yourself each one of these questions.

Once you get the clarity you need about where your audience hangs out, and the specific details about them…

Then it comes down to figuring out how you want to reach them, and how you want to allocate your time and resources effectively to get them to your website (so they can sign up for your newsletter).

If you need help with any part of this process, our team is here to help you figure it all out. Just hit reply on this newsletter email, and we will begin the process with you.

Here are some more great questions for you to ask yourself to begin creating the clarity you need, so you can take forward-moving action confidently and effectively.

Question: What specific time-intensive work do I want to do on the front end to drive traffic into my newsletter business website based on what I figured out above?

Question: What specific paid media campaigns do I want to run on a consistent basis to reach my target market effectively to generate new subscribers in a scalable and effective way?

Question: What other creative or innovative ways could I get in front of my market knowing what I figured out above?

Once you flush out these specific types of questions (to the degree that you believe is best), then it is time to put your plan together and take massive action forward.


All of this is easier said than done, but this is the process that every single newsletter business should follow if they are serious about driving the right kind of traffic into their newsletter sign up page…that attracts the best subscribers possible.

In Closing

If you don’t drive the right kind of traffic into your newsletter business website on the front end…

  1. Your conversion rate on your sign up page will be horrible

  2. The subscribers that do sign up will most likely not be as engaged or valuable to your newsletter business over the long run

It will also create a situation where you may have to “go back to the the drawing board” and re-work your “go to market” strategy again…which takes time and energy away from focusing on growth.


Before you start executing specific tactics, methods or strategies to drive targeted traffic into your site…

Please do the work on the front end to have a positive result on the backend!

Going back to the beginning is never fun, and is incredibly frustrating if it happens that way for you.

Doing the research on the front end is your friend, even if it takes a little more time before implementing your strategy and plan effectively.

One Effective Way to Research Your Target Market (Free)

As you begin the process of creating a traffic strategy for your newsletter business, we want to bring your attention to a very powerful market research strategy that most newsletter business owners haven’t even thought of.

By doing this kind of work on the front end it will make it easy for you to:

  1. Create a powerful traffic driving strategy on the backend

  2. Come up with effective ad hooks for future paid media campaigns

For most newsletter business owners, it is really easy to find books (and book reviews) about the topic that they are creating a newsletter for.

Knowing this fact…

Here is one effective way to research your target market for free.

Step 1: Go to Amazon

Step 2: Type in the keyword or phrase that is related to the topic of the newsletter you are building

Step 3: Look for the popular books being sold that you know your target market has bought (or are currently reading)

Step 4: Go look at the 1, 2 and 3 star reviews of the books that are related to your newsletter’s topic

Step 5: Look for the specific things that keep coming up in these 1, 2 and 3 star reviews.

Step 6: Use the information to position and dominate the niche you are focused on serving with your newsletter!

So for example…

If you are in the “side hustle” niche…

Go and look at the 1, 2 and 3 star reviews for all of the books on side hustles.

What do you notice about all of the reviews?

Are there specific patterns/pain points that you are noticing across every single review?

Are you creating a newsletter that addresses these specific pain points?

Can you use any/all of this information to come up with an effective traffic driving strategy to inspire someone that comes to your website to sign up for the newsletter you are building?


Take the time on the front end to do this kind of work, because as you can see, it will serve you in an amazing way on the backend as you start your newsletter building process.

When you implement this free market research strategy…

It will be like getting information from a fire hose, and it will be valuable.

Use this strategy to learn about your market, and then use the information to crush it in your newsletter business on the backend.

If you need any help with this, please let us know! We are here to help, and are looking forward to your email!

One Efficient Way to Engage With Your Market (Free)

If you are looking for an effective way to engage with your market of potential subscribers, follow this step-by-step process.

Step 1: Create a Twitter(X) account, and make sure it is positioned as an account that is building a newsletter business with your newsletter sign up link in your bio

Step 2: Go into Twitter(X) search, and type the keyword into the search bar with a question mark. It will look like this “[keyword] ?”

Example search in Twitter(X): orchid ?

Details: You would search this to look for people asking questions about orchids. If you have a business around helping people take care of orchids, this is the easiest way to find them on Twitter(X).

Step 3: Scan the tweets, and engage/reply with the ones that are asking questions (that are directly related to the topic of the newsletter you are building). Be helpful and focus on adding value when you interact with them.

If you execute this method effectively to reach your market (for free)…

You will have people that you engage with (via their tweets) that will eventually visit your Twitter(X) bio, and click on the link to your newsletter sign up page (and a % of them will subscribe to your newsletter).


This is a time-intensive strategy, but it is one of the most “human” things you can do as a newsletter business owner to plug your market into your newsletter.

The relationships you build using this strategy will be invaluable to the future of your newsletter business!

Until further notice…

Plan on seeing a section like this in The Pursuit Newsletter going forward that will help you grow your subscriber list effectively!

Case Study Update: From 0-3600+ Subscribers in 28 Days

If you are serious about growing your newsletter business, by learning from successful case studies, you are going to love this section of the newsletter today!

Here is the backstory you need to know before we dive into the content of the case study!

The Backstory For This Case Study

This case study starts all the way back in Issue #15 of The Pursuit Newsletter.

In Issue #15, we shared the story about how a newsletter went from 0-1700+ subscribers in less than 4 days.

Then in Issue #16 of The Pursuit Newsletter, we let you know that The Pursuit Newsletter team is doing the necessary amount of work on the backend to create these amazing results for this new newsletter.

Why is The Pursuit Newsletter team allocating their time, effort and resources to grow this new newsletter?

The bottom line is this…

The LLC that owns and controls The Pursuit Newsletter, also owns and controls the new newsletter that is being built (with this story).

Now that we have clarified that for you, here is what you need to know about this case study right now.

The Journey From 1700+ Subscribers to Over 3600+ Newsletter Subscribers In 28 Days

As we talked about this newsletter’s story in Issue #15 of The Pursuit Newsletter…

This newsletter was initially promoted to a niche Facebook page that that had over 40,000+ facebook followers (at the time the newsletter was launched into the marketplace).

The Facebook page currently now has over 43,000+ Facebook followers that have all come from organic growth inside of Facebook.

Here is a key thing that was done at the beginning for this newsletter, and a lesson for you to learn from.

This newsletter was initially promoted on the targeted Facebook page with the 40,000+ person audience on the morning of Monday March 11th.

Leading up to Monday March 11th…

The person who ran the Facebook page “teased” the audience with posts on the Thursday and Friday before it was promoted on Monday March 11th.

In these posts that he made to the page…

He notified the audience that an “exciting new announcement” was going to be made on the morning of March 11th at a specific time.

This directed the entire audience to show up to the page at a specific day and time to learn about the announcement.

After the announcement was made on March 11th…

The person running the page had comments on the “announcement post” saying…

“I am so glad that you followed through with what you said you were going to do. I specifically set my alarm last night to get up right now to see what the announcement was all about!”

Please learn from this, and implement it into your next newsletter launch campaign if you plan on launching it through a Facebook page.

Another key lesson that you can learn from this story is this…

Aside from having the Facebook page to launch the newsletter, the Facebook page owner also had multiple Facebook groups that he was an admin of that allowed him to use “@everyone” posts in those groups to drive targeted and focused traffic to the newsletter’s sign up page.

When using an “@everyone” post in a facebook group, members of the group are notified that as post has been made in the group, and it is valuable for them to visit the group to see it.

Those facebook groups ranged in size between 50,000-150,000+ members, and there were a minimum of 3 groups that the newsletter sign up page was promoted to in less than 24 hours on launch day.

After the post was made to the Facebook page with the 40,000+ followers, he then went into all of these Facebook groups, and ran “@everyone” posts to direct the attention of the group into the newsletter sign up page.

Another key lesson here that you can learn from this story is this…

The relationship that this person has with their followers on the Facebook page (and in the groups) is amazing.

Every new post that he makes to the Facebook page continually builds and grows the trust that the audience already has with him.

What does this really mean?

Some of the posts on his Facebook page have 1000’s of reactions, and 1000’s of shares due to the content he is posting, and the “hook” he is constantly using with every single post that he makes to the page.

Another key lesson here that you can learn from this story is this…

The inspiration for the newsletter was birthed from seeing the response and reaction to the types of posts he was making to the Facebook page on a consistent basis.

You could potentially use this key lesson to test ideas for newsletters in niche Facebook pages before doing the work that needs to be done to create a specific newsletter business around a specific topic and idea.

Use the Facebook page as the “testing ground” for the content you are thinking about building a newsletter around…before doing the work to start that kind of newsletter.

The final lesson learned was this…

You must have a powerful reason why people should sign up for your newsletter, and an effective way to continually put your CTA to sign up in front of the audience (and make the approach as easy and evergreen as possible).

What does this really mean?

One thing the Facebook page owner does on a consistent basis is “hook” the audience with a “text” post that says something like…

“Read the first comment on this post because it is very important…”

In the first comment…

He explains why it is important to sign up for the email newsletter, and he also reiterates the value that the newsletter provides all subscribers with a link to click over to the newsletter sign up page.

This sets the expectation for the audience, and converts like crazy.

Once he figured out how to do this effectively (in an evergreen way) the newsletter list exploded from 2200 to 3600 subscribers in less than 3 weeks from the launch day.

It was amazing to see the growth just from this one strategy that he chose to implement!

If you are stuck about creating a “hook” you can use for your newsletter (or if you want to implement this kind of strategy)…

Use this hook….

“Because I can’t rely on the Facebook algorithm to publish every post I make to this Facebook page into your newsfeed, the best way for you to stay connected and plugged in to everything I create for you is to sign up for my email newsletter. Sign up right now by going to LINK”

What’s Next For This Story and Case Study?

Implementing and executing this strategy above with the Facebook page and Facebook groups was phase 1 of our growth strategy.

Phase 2 of our growth strategy will start being executed in less than 2 weeks.


When we execute the next phase of the strategy, and get even more amazing results, you will get a brand new update from us in a future issue of The Pursuit Newsletter!

Our next goal with this new newsletter is to blow past 10,000+ subscribers in less than 2 months from now, and we are confident that the next phase of our plan and strategy will make it happen!

Here’s why…

We will be using a previous database the Facebook page owner had that hasn’t been “notified” about this new newsletter yet.


The last time he sent an email to this database was back in October 2023.

You want numbers?

Here they are…

His email database is over 33,000+ emails and he also has 22,000+ US based cell phone numbers attached to the emails.

Every single one of these people in this database knows who runs this Facebook page that triggered the first phase of our growth!

Things are going to ramp up fast given our plans over the next 3-6 weeks!

More to come!

Content Highlight: How To Launch A Newsletter Business

If you are at the beginning stages of launching your newsletter business, or if you are interested in launching a new newsletter…

Use this article on our website as your guide to launch it successfully!

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