How To Launch A Newsletter Business

Read this if you need help launching your online newsletter into the marketplace, and want the proper guidance.

Ready To Launch Your Newsletter Business? Your Process Begins Now!

Congratulations on getting to this point in your newsletter business building journey! We as a team are proud that you have gotten to this place as a newsletter business owner, and are excited that you are ready to launch your newsletter into the marketplace!

Because you are reading this article, we are going to assume that…

  1. You have gotten all the work done that needs to be done on your newsletter business website.

  2. You are now ready to strategically launch your business into the marketplace using this article as your guide.

Keep in mind that this article is not the “Be-All-End-All” of launching a newsletter business. We expect you to take this article for what it is, and use the information in it so that you can customize your launch day the way you want.

But before you read any further…

Make sure that you have read and completed all the steps in the articles linked below. Skipping ahead won’t help you, so double check that all this stuff is done before you launch your business into the marketplace.

Table Of Contents

How To Launch A Newsletter Business

Essential “Launch Day” And “After Launch Day” Actions

Optional Launch Day Actions

Launch Day And Beyond


Let’s Launch Your Newsletter Business!

How To Launch A Newsletter Business

When it comes to launching your newsletter business into the marketplace, the process is very simple and straightforward.

The Process For Launching Your Newsletter: Do everything you can in your personal power to get as many people as possible through your newsletter business website using free and paid methods on launch day, and during your entire launch week. Keep in mind that some methods you implement will be be executed in the online world while others will be executed in the offline world.

Even if you find yourself without any initial capital to launch your newsletter business, there are still many things you can do to have a great launch day.

Now that you are clear about what the main objective is for your launch day and how to approach it, you also must understand that you will be driving two types of traffic through your website.

  1. Warm Market Traffic: This kind of traffic already knows you because you have a direct relationship with them.

  2. Target Market Traffic: This kind of traffic doesn’t know you, but is where the majority of your subscribers will come from in the future.

Driving warm market traffic through your website is easy to do because you already know the people you are contacting, while driving traffic into your site (from your target market) will take more skill and effort on your part.

Rest assured that by the end of this article, you will know what you need to do so that you can have a successful launch day (and launch week) regardless of where you are starting from, and regardless of what resources you have available.

These Are The Essential Actions To Execute!

Essential “Launch Day” And “After Launch Day” Actions

If you are serious about having a successful launch day for your newsletter, make sure you execute everything in this list below.

You should be able to execute #1-#7 without any problems, unless you don’t have your own personal email list (#2).

Even if you don’t have a personal email list to contact, don’t let this one thing stop you. Get everything else done no matter what!

#1 - Contact Your Warm Market - On launch day, notify your warm market about your newsletter business. In the message you send each person, make sure that you send them (1) the link to your homepage, (2) the first newsletter you wrote, and (3) a pillar content post you published on your newsletter business website. The more personal your message is to them..the better.

#2 - Send An Email To Your List - If you have your own personal email list that you have built in the past, make sure that you email them to let them know that your newsletter business exists. In that message be sure to include a link to the homepage along with any other content you believe is best.

#3 - Create Social Media Pages (Populate Them) - Before launch day, make sure that you have created specific social media pages for your newsletter business, and make sure the profiles look the way you want them to before your launch day happens. Think about this question, “What content do I want people to see on my (facebook / twitter / Instagram) page for the newsletter business when they arrive to it the first time?” Answering that question will help you create the content you need for these pages.

#4 - Create Content For Social Media - Before launch day, create specific content for every one of your personal social media profiles that you will use on launch day to promote your newsletter business (e.g. Your Personal Facebook Profile).

#5 - Ask Friends To Help You Launch Your Newsletter - Before launch day, reach out to specific people in your network (who you believe will have an interest in helping you). After you get a “yes” from them to help you, figure out what they need from you to best support you on launch day. Do everything in your power to give them everything they ask for.

#6 - Stay Alert For Engagement Opportunities - On launch day, after you promote certain pieces of content on your personal and business’s social media profiles, make sure that you stay on top of the comments that are published on that content. You don’t want to miss out engaging with people who comment on what you share. Also, don’t forget to visit the social media posts your friends made about your newsletter as well. Engaging with the comments on your friends posts create great opportunities for you to create fans for life!

#7 - Ask For Referrals - After your launch day, we recommend that you reach out to your warm market contacts and ask them for referrals using the third party approach. Here is some verbiage you can use, “John I have a quick question for you, who else do you know that would potentially be interested in subscribing to my newsletter?”

These Actions Add To Your Launch Day

Optional Launch Day Actions

If you are one of those newsletter business owners who believes you need to do more on your newsletter’s launch day to make it a success, you must consider these two things first.

  1. Current Resources ($) - This is the available capital you have at your disposal to implement other ideas you have for your launch day. If you want to do something else that costs money on launch day, but you don’t currently have the funds to make it happen, then it is not worth pursuing right now. It can always be executed later!

  2. Bandwidth (Time + Man Power) - This is the amount of time and man power that you have at your disposal to execute the other things you want to do on launch day. The last thing you want to do is put yourself on the hook for something on your newsletter’s launch day without either the physical time or bandwidth to execute it successfully. Again, things can be executed during your launch week, or sometime after when the time is right for you.

If you feel like you have enough resources and bandwidth to take on more ideas, here are a few more ideas below that you can implement.

#1 - Press Release Creation + Distribution ($) - Find a good PR person to write up a press release about your newsletter, and have them help you distribute it as well. Make sure to find a PR person you can trust, and who can show you press releases they have written in the past for clients.

#2 - Ad Campaign ($) - Find a good media buyer that can set up a campaign to promote your newsletter on launch day and during launch week. This person will want to know your budget, and will also charge you a management fee to run the campaign for you. The campaign you run will be focused on helping you get high quality subscribers on a cost per lead basis. Make sure you find someone who has proven results so you don’t waste your capital.

#3 - Forum Participation (Time) - If you are part of a specific forum that is connected to the topic of your newsletter, and you have the trust and rapport with the forum, you can create a good content post for the forum and let them know that you just launched a new newsletter.

#4 - Create A Launch Video (Time + Money) - If you have the time, money and bandwidth to create a “launch video” that will support the launch of your newsletter, make sure that it creates a great first impression for those who watch it for the first time. This video can be used during the launch day, and can even be leveraged for a long time after. After the video is created, make sure that you strategically integrate it into your launch day and launch week.

#5 - Strategic Engagement On Social Media - Find the “nooks and crannies” of the social media universe where you can effectively participate in a way that adds value to specific audiences that are relevant to your newsletter. An example of this kind of activity would be finding specific tweets talking about your newsletter’s topic, and engaging in worthwhile conversations with those specific individuals. Eventually those who you engage with will visit your profile and will most likely click on your bio link that’s directed to your newsletter’s sign up page.

#6 - Leverage A Local Networking Group - Find a local networking group to be a part of in your area (that is relevant to your newsletter topic), and figure out a great way to work with the networking group organizer to promote your newsletter to the group in a win/win way!

This list above is a small sampling of ideas you can implement when launching your newsletter business, but keep in mind that there are many more ways you can promote your newsletter on launch day (and week).

Use these ideas as inspiration to figure out even more creative ideas for you to implement when you launch your newsletter.

KEY THING TO REMEMBER: Every single newsletter that is launched into the marketplace follows their own unique launch sequence and process (depending on multiple factors), and there is no “One-Size-Fits-All” solution that will work with every single newsletter that is created!

This is why we here at The Pursuit Newsletter have created and structured this piece of content the way we have…

We want to give you everything you need to create the best possible launch day for you and your newsletter business!

After Launch Day Is Over, That Is When The Real Work Begins

Launch Day And Beyond

After you launch your newsletter into the marketplace, that is when the real work begins for you.

The 5 Core Activities Of Successful Newsletter Business Owners

  1. Create and publish newsletter content for your subscribers

  2. Create more “website content” for your site that adds value (consistently)

  3. Build your subscriber base bigger

  4. Grow the amount of targeted traffic coming to your site each month

  5. Monetize your newsletter effectively

After you have a great launch day (and week), these are the “5 Core Activities” you should focus on in your business from here on out! Every single day you are focused on building your newsletter, you should be spending your time in one of these specific areas.

Ready To Launch? Go Get ‘Em!


To finish up this article, it is essential that we must leave you with something that’s very important for you to know.

Important: The process of launching your newsletter business begins by focusing on what you actually want to execute on your launch day, and then working backwards to make it happen…and only you can decide what that looks like for your newsletter business.

Once you know exactly how you want your launch day sequence and process to go, it then provides you with all the work that needs to be done to make the launch day you want happen for you.


Write out the launch day you want from beginning to end in order, and then work backwards from that sequence to figure out the specific “parts” that need to be created, so that you can execute the launch day that you designed.

The moment launch day happens, you are simply “pushing buttons, copying text and pasting it to where you said you would, while watching the ‘launch movie’ you created unfold right before your eyes.”

It is a beautiful thing when everything comes together on this special day for your business.

The Newsletter Launch Process

  1. Decide how you want your launch day to go (sequence)

  2. Define the tasks that need to get done to make launch day happen

  3. Get those tasks done in the best possible order

  4. Execute the launch for your newsletter (launch day)

  5. Ride the momentum of launch day for at least 7 days after

  6. Groove right in to “The 5 Core Activities”

  7. Continue to crush (become valuable for your market)

This is the framework that you should always keep in mind as you are making the key decisions for your newsletter’s launch day and beyond.

Are You Ready To Start Your Newsletter Business?

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