The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #3

Thursday, September 14, 2023

The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #3

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Hello Fellow Newsletter Business Owner,

Welcome to The 3rd Issue of The Pursuit Newsletter!

Today’s quote for The Pursuit Newsletter is:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”
- Henry Ford

Our Thoughts: This is a powerful quote that is something to definitely keep in mind as you build your newsletter business!

When it comes to building a newsletter business, you must “keep your mind right” (especially in the beginning).

The fact is…

When you are just getting started in this business, it feels like you are investing a lot of time on the front end to produce the content your newsletter needs without having a lot of people initially reading what you produce (unless you have an audience already).

No matter what…

Be clear about the outcome you are pursuing, never lose sight of the outcome, and know in your heart that creating your desired result is 100% possible!

This Section Will Always Be Included In Every Issue Of Our Newsletter

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Section #3. Foundational Newsletter Growth Strategy For Newbies

Section #4. Foundational Newsletter Growth Strategy For Veterans

After you gain a solid understanding of the content on this page…

It will help you get the most amount of value from every single thing we publish for you in the future because, you will know where and when to apply what you learn over the lifetime of being a loyal subscriber of The Pursuit Newsletter.

Table Of Contents For The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #3

1. Personal Letter From The Pursuit Newsletter Team

2. The Pursuit Newsletter Published “Articles Of Interest”

3. Internet News That Impacts The Email Newsletter Business

4. Need More Subscribers? Read This Section!

5. The Pursuit Newsletter Important Company Updates and Reminders

6. What Can I Expect In The Next Issue Of The Pursuit Newsletter?

Section #1: Personal Letter From The Pursuit Newsletter Team

Dear Newsletter Business Owner,

Since we officially launched The Pursuit Newsletter on September 3, 2023…

We have been working very hard behind the scenes getting everything in place, so that we can effectively position ourselves to reach our 90 day goals in the fastest way possible.

As a quick reminder for you…

The first 4 issues of The Pursuit Newsletter will be “open to read” on our website, and will not force you to sign up for anything.

In the future…

To read every other newsletter issue (#5, #6, #7…etc.) you will need to be a verified subscriber.

In today’s personal letter to you, we want to highlight a very specific newsletter business framework that is important for you to know.

This newsletter business framework is what we use to manage the various parts of The Pursuit Newsletter business.

We know that by sharing this framework with you, it will help you get the clarity you need with your newsletter to move forward in your business with confidence.

Let’s get started.

With every single newsletter business, you will notice that there are specific variables that drive the results in the business over the long run.

Those specific variables are:



Website Traffic




Every single one of these key variables above plays a very important role in your newsletter business no matter what phase you are in (start, build, launch, grow and/or scale).

#1 AUDIENCE - This Drives Every Decision You Make

Make sure you choose a specific audience in the marketplace that you know a lot about, or that you can find out about via specific research.

Commit right now to knowing your audience better than they know themselves.

#2 CONTENT - This Fuels The Audience You Serve

When building a newsletter business, you must first understand the specific content that needs to be created throughout your entire business, and how it will connect and resonate with your audience over the lifetime of your business.

Here are the specific pieces of content that you will need to create.

Some content will have to be created one time, and others will have to be created multiple times.

  1. Content for the website before you launch the business (one time)

  2. Content for launch day (to drive visits through the site) (one time)

  3. Content that will drive evergreen traffic through the website (multiple)

  4. Content that will be published on social media sites (multiple)

  5. Content that will be created for every newsletter sent (multiple)

  6. Content for all other reasons fit in this category (multiple)

Good content planning, with a sound strategy to drive visits through it over time will create success.

Don’t forget to also take these four things into account too:

  1. Who your audience is

  2. Where your audience “hangs out” in the marketplace

  3. Where and how your audience is “reachable” in the marketplace

  4. How you plan to effectively drive traffic into your website

#3 TRAFFIC - This Gives Your Content Life And Energy

Throughout your entire newsletter business, you will focus on driving different types of traffic through different parts of your website depending on what kind of goal you are pursuing at the time.

Here are 4 specific places that you will need to focus on driving traffic to, so that you can create success in your newsletter business.

  1. Your newsletter sign up page (generates subscribers)

  2. Your articles written on the newsletter site (they create subscribers)

  3. Your homepage (coming from any front-end marketing)

  4. Deep link sign up pages (when running paid advertising)

Because traffic will be landing on different pages of your newsletter website in a given month, you will want to make sure that your traffic generation strategy directly aligns with the goals that you have for your newsletter business.

#4 ENGAGEMENT - Content + Traffic = Engagement

The “Engagement” bucket becomes relevant in your newsletter business after you nail the AUDIENCE, TRAFFIC and CONTENT parts.

You can think about engagement as a “two-pronged” focus.

  1. Engagement that you have directly with your subscribers

  2. Engagement that you have with potential subscribers

You should have a strategy for each type of “engagement” method to help you create the outcomes that you want for your newsletter business.

Creating specific “engagement” campaigns come in all shapes and sizes, and how you choose to execute them inside of this “bucket” will ultimately be up to you and who your audience really is.

#5 MONETIZATION - It’s Time To Get Paid

You eventually want to start generating revenue, and profit from your newsletter right?


When you jump into the monetization pond…

Do everything you can to build systems on the front end in your business, so that as you earn more revenue while growing your subscriber list effectively you don’t get overwhelmed.

There are certain ways to do this, but how you execute it is 100% up to you.

#6 SCALE - Do What Works In A Way That “Scales Up”

This is really important for you to understand.

When something works well…

See if you can execute a similar strategy that allows you to do 10x more of it with the same amount of effort exerted.

An example of this would be when it comes to spending money on advertising as you are growing your subscriber base.

If a specific campaign angle worked well in one medium, take the same ad and same angle, and run it in another medium where more newsletter subscribers can be added into your list.

Scale is created in many more layers of your business, and will be more relevant down the road as you start to grow the revenue and profit for the newsletter itself.

This Is The Framework To Guide Your Actions

Never lose sight of this framework as you continue to work on your newsletter business each day.

This framework is like a compass that allows you to make decisions in all the right places.

It also provides you and your team the “clarity to know” what should be worked on at any point in time given the current size of your newsletter business.

Keep this framework somewhere you can see it every day as you continue building your business and striving toward your goals.

To Your Personal Pursuit To Creating A Successful Newsletter Business,
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

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Section #2: The Pursuit Newsletter Published “Articles Of Interest”

The articles featured in this issue of The Pursuit Newsletter “piggyback” the articles we highlighted in the previous issue of The Pursuit Newsletter.

Review the ones you believe need to be read, and ignore what you don’t need.

We love updating this section every week in the newsletter with the content that we know you are looking for!

Article #1: Creating A Newsletter Business Name - 5 Things To Consider

Pay Attention: Don’t ignore the fact that good newsletter names are three words or less!

Article #2: Buying A Newsletter Domain Name - 5 Things To Figure Out

Pay Attention: You really want to make a decision at the beginning if you see your newsletter as a stand alone newsletter, or a newsletter domain name that will have other domain names tied to it!

Article #3: 18 Smart Questions To Ask Before Buying Newsletter Software

Pay Attention: Make sure that the software you choose does everything that you want it to do. Moving software solutions is a pain in the butt!

Article #4: The Quickest Way To Create Your First Business Logo

Pay Attention: This task shouldn’t take you months to figure out, and should be done in less than one day. This is how to get it done!

Section #3: Internet News That Impacts The Email Newsletter Business

Our Thoughts: This tweet from Elon sums it up very clearly. It’s interesting that twitter is starting to focus on giving creators a platform like this to earn money from. We will be paying attention to this story more as it continues to evolve, and will make sure to cover any changes with it given the possible impact it will have to the newsletter business industry.

Section #4: Need More Subscribers? Read This Section!

In section #1 of today’s newsletter (the personal letter to you)…

We shared the newsletter framework that we use in our business to stay focused on what matters.

One piece to that framework that we want to focus on in this specific section is the topic of engagement.

You see…

One thing that most newsletter business owners don’t even think about at the beginning of their business is what their “engagement” strategy will be with the market that has not subscribed yet.

Here is the key question…

“How will I interact and connect with my target market in a ‘cool way’ that will put me in the position to be seen as an authority in the niche…which will then help me grow my subscriber list with high-quality subscribers over time?”

As you let that question sink into your mind, think about this…

By strategically engaging with those in your target market who have not subscribed to your newsletter yet, and by finding a cool way to execute on it, it will help you reach your goals faster.

So today we are going to share one tactic you can execute right now to help you start engaging with your target market that hasn’t subscribed to your newsletter in a more effective way.

The one tactic is relatively simple, but is really powerful when implemented on a consistent basis.

This is what you need to do:

#1 - Create a twitter account, or use the one that you already have for your newsletter business’s brand

#2 - Go to and type specific keywords and/or phrases that you know your target market will use in tweets that will give you opportunities to reply and respond to their public tweets

#3 - Once you find a tweet that makes sense to reply to, then hit the comment/reply button on the tweet and leave a response that is relevant and that makes sense

Do this over and over again with different keywords and phrases, and you will be well on your way to implementing this tactic strategically.

For us…

We like to search for specific tweets with specific key phrases related to the newsletter business industry.

Phrases like:

“my newsletter”

“subscribe to my newsletter”

“have you subscribed to my newsletter”

These tweets tell us that the person using these phrases is in the newsletter business and would be worth engaging with at that time.

You will not only have fun doing this, but it will be motivating for you to see it start working for you as your subscriber list continues to grow day by day!

Here is how we recommend you implement this strategy…

Allocate a specific amount of time each day to this activity, so that you can start creating momentum with it over the next 30-60 days, and stay consistent with it!

You also want to make sure that your company twitter profile has been set up properly so you don’t miss out on traffic that may convert into brand new subscribers. Make sure to put the link to your sign up page in your profile and use a description that makes sense for your newsletter!

If you need help and/or inspiration, take a look at our twitter profile for ideas on how to create it for your newsletter business.

It’s time to get to work!

As always, if you have any questions or experience any challenges implementing this strategy, please feel free to reach out to us so we can help you get the clarity that you need to continue moving forward in your business!

Talk Soon,
-The Pursuit Newsletter Team

Section #5: The Pursuit Newsletter Important Company Updates and Reminders

In every issue of The Pursuit Newsletter, we focus on providing you with the key updates that we believe you will want to know about. If you have any feedback about any of these in the future, please don’t hesitate to hit reply or reach out to us about them.

Important Company Updates

  • The next issue of The Pursuit Newsletter will be published on Thursday September 28, 2023

  • We just launched this website here on September 3rd 2023. If you find any blatant errors or things that need to be corrected, please let us know

  • We are seeking a founding advertiser who is interested in working together with us to help us scale up the growth of our newsletter, while creating a win/win situation. If interested, click here and scroll down to read the P.S. section at the bottom of the page.

Important Company Reminders

  • The FIRST 4 ISSUES of The Pursuit Newsletter will always be free and available for you to read on the website forever

  • FOR THE 5th ISSUE of The Pursuit Newsletter and beyond, you will need a verified email subscription with us to access the any specific issue you want to read on the website. Sign up now to make sure that is not an issue you deal with in the future.

  • If you need to reach out to us at all, feel free to contact us here

Section #6: What Can I Expect In The Next Issue Of The Pursuit Newsletter?

Because we want to give you something to look forward to in the next issue of The Pursuit Newsletter on the 28th of this month, here is a taste of what you can expect…

  • Intro Letter: Covering what we have learned so far on our journey building this newsletter business (The project started in January 2023)

  • Articles of Interest: Highlighting articles on our website that focus on creating the content your website needs to thrive

  • News: Any articles or pieces of news that are about any specific updates or trends that directly impact you as a newsletter business owner

  • Need More Subscribers?: We will be sharing a specific tactic you can implement that will help you continue adding targeted subscribers into your newsletter subscriber list

  • Bonus Content: All bonus sections in the 4th issue of the newsletter will most likely be wrapped around achieving “key metric” goals that are tied directly to getting what you need set up before you approach advertisers.

Until Next Time,
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

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