Writing The First "Post" On Your Newsletter Business Website

Read this if you need help writing the first piece of content for your newsletter business website.

Now It Is Time To Write Your First Post On Your Newsletter Business Website

When you get to the point in your newsletter business journey where it is time to write and publish the very first piece of “website content” to your website, it is an exciting place to get to.

Taking the time to create one piece of “website content” for your business before launching it into the marketplace is a very smart thing to do for many reasons.

When you have at least one piece of “website content” created, that is focused on adding value to your current and future subscribers, it helps you…

  1. Build Trust + Creates The Desire To Subscribe: By creating content that solve problems for your intended audience, you are able to give potential subscribers an initial idea about the content they will receive in the future if they choose to subscribe to your email newsletter.

  2. Get Found When People Use Search Engines: When you have taken the time to publish valuable content to your site (above and beyond every email newsletter issue), there is something powerful that happens in the search engines. What that means is that in the future, you will start seeing an uptick in organic search traffic to specific content posts published to your site. Organic search traffic comes from websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine companies. Your search engine traffic increases over time because certain keywords that you use in valuable website article posts will be the same keywords people will search for in the future.

Keep in mind that this first piece of “website content” will also be promoted in the very first newsletter issue that you publish.

Also…make sure that before you read any further, that you have read and completed the steps in the articles linked below! Skipping ahead won’t help you here, so get this stuff done for your business before moving forward!

Now it is time to jump into the creation of your first “website content” article!

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The Two Types Of Content Newsletter Business Owners Create Consistently

What Should My First Piece Of “Website Content” Be About?

There Are Two Types Of Content Newsletters Business Owners Create

The Two Types Of Content Newsletter Business Owners Create Consistently

As a newsletter business owner, you need to understand that there are two types of content that you will be creating on a semi-consistent basis.

The two types of content are:

  1. Newsletter Content (In Email + On Website): This kind of content is created and delivered to your newsletter subscribers via email. The way that you choose to format and package your email newsletter is 100% up to you.

  2. Website Content (On Website): This kind of content is only created and published on your newsletter business website. The kind of content you choose to publish to your site is 100% up to you.

Important Point #1 - “Newsletter Content” and “Website Content” will both “live” on your website. The main distinction between both types of content is that “Website Content” will never be sent directly to your newsletter subscriber list as a “stand alone” email.

Important Point #2 - When promoting specific “Website Content” posts that “live” on your newsletter business website in future email newsletters, it is best to package this specific “Website Content” in a way where you give your newsletter subscribers a preview of the content, with a “Click Here To Read More” call to action.

Here’s An Example:

Let’s say that you are planning on sending your next email newsletter on Thursday morning, and earlier that week you plan on publishing a “Website Content” article that you want to include in the email newsletter.

The section of the email newsletter would look like this…

Article/Post Of The Week

[Title Of Article Goes Here]

[Image + 3-5 Sentences Of The Beginning Of The Article Goes Here]

[“Click Here To Read More” Call To Action Goes Here]

What Should My First Piece Of “Website Content” Be About?

There Are Many Ways To Think About Creating Content For Your Site

If you are not 100% sure about what to create for the first piece of “website content” for your site, take a step back right now and think about your newsletter business from the eyes of a future newsletter subscriber.

What burning question is your ideal subscriber asking?

What specifically is your ideal subscriber interested in?

What key terms would your ideal subscriber type into a search engine, and how could your content add value to them if they found it?

What does your ideal subscriber want to know more about?

If you still feel stuck and need some inspiration, take a look at what we did on our website when we published our first post.

The very first “website content” post that we made to our website was titled:

There are three main reasons why we chose to publish this as our first post…

  1. Reason: Meet The Market Where They “Start” - We wanted to make sure that we had a piece of content on our website that directly related to specific individuals who want to know what a newsletter business is. Before someone can build a newsletter business, they first must know what it is and how it works.

  2. Reason: We Know People Search For This Phrase - Because we know that people in the marketplace pull up search engines and type “What is a newsletter business” in the search box, we wanted to give ourselves an opportunity in the future to capture a percentage of that traffic.

  3. Reason: Cast The Widest Net Possible - This article in and of itself can be shared with anyone, and they will still get value from it. We know a percentage of the visitors will want to subscribe to our newsletter as well.

Now that you know what to do, it is time to get to work!

When it comes to brainstorming the first post for your newsletter business website, make sure you take everything in this article into consideration.

After coming up with the title for your first post, then you should take the time to sketch out how you see the post looking (from beginning to end) with images and blocks of copy.

When you are happy with your brainstorm, write and publish the article you envisioned to your newsletter business website!

Are You Ready To Start Your Newsletter Business?

Now That You Know What It Takes When Writing The First “Post” On Your Newsletter Business Website, Now Is The Time To Take Action…

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