Why Creating A "Start Here" Page Is A Smart Move For Your Site

Read this if you need help creating an effective "Start Here" page for your newsletter business website.

Have You Thought About Your Website Experience For Brand New Visitors?

If you have already read our article about creating pillar content for your newsletter business website, you already know that having valuable pillar content on your site is a very smart move for your business.

Here are two key takeaways from that article that will influence the creation of the “Start Here” page on your newsletter business website:

#1 - Pillar Content Builds Trust Quickly With Your Market - Pillar content helps you quickly earn the trust of your future newsletter subscribers after they read least one of your pillar content articles

#2 - Pillar Content Makes You An“Authoritative Source” - Pillar content helps you get brand new visitors instantly enrolled in the idea that you are more than qualified to help them with the topic they are searching for before they actually choose to sign up for your email newsletter

Now that you have begun the process of creating, promoting and leveraging valuable pillar content for your newsletter website, now it is time to focus on creating an amazing “Start Here” page for future website visitors (where showcasing pillar content on this page is a big reason why this “Start Here” page exists).

In a perfect world…

The “Start Here” page is a specific page on your newsletter business website that you want every single one of your new visitors to read and go through before they become a subscriber because…

Your “Start Here” page will give you the greatest chance possible to convert new visitors into a brand new subscribers, and engaged loyal fans for life.

As you work your way through this post, you will gain a greater understanding about what a “Start Here” page is, and why it is a smart move for you to implement into your newsletter business website.

So, before you officially dive in to creating a “Start Here” page for your newsletter business…

Make sure that you have read and completed the steps in the articles linked below. Skipping ahead won’t help you here, so get this stuff done for your business before moving forward!

Table Of Contents

The One Page You Should Have On Your Newsletter Business Website, And Why It Will Help You Grow Your Newsletter Business Faster And More Effectively

How Should I Think About Formatting The “Start Here” Page That I Create For My Newsletter Business Website Before Launch Day?

What Else I Should Know About Building A “Start Here” Page When Using It To Grow My Newsletter Business?

This One Page Could Be A Game Changer For Your Newsletter Business

The One Page You Should Have On Your Newsletter Business Website, And Why It Will Help You Grow Your Newsletter Business Faster And More Effectively

If you haven’t already figured out by now, the one page you should have on your newsletter business website is what we like to call the “Start Here” page.

The “Start Here” page, in and of itself, is a stand-alone page (most likely placed in the navigation bar of your website) that delivers a specific “content consumption experience” that new visitors can go through before they choose to sign up for your newsletter.

When creating this page, it is important to remember that your new visitor has never visited your website before, so you want to make sure to create the best experience possible for them, and lead them down the path to becoming a new subscriber.

You may be thinking right now…

What should I put on my “Start Here” page inside of my newsletter business website?

We are glad you asked, so here you go…

Your newsletter business’s “Start Here” page will most likely include:

  1. A Warm Welcome - This page will welcome new visitors to your website (at the top of the page) in the best way possible.

  2. Advice About Quickly Extracting Value From Your Site - With a “Start Here” page, you get the opportunity to show a new visitor how to get the most amount of value from your site in the shortest time possible. This builds an immense amount value and trust up front with a brand new visitor.

  3. A Pillar Content Links + Description Section - The pillar content you have already created (before launching your newsletter) will be showcased on your “Start Here” page in a specific section of the page. The pillar content section will be strategically formatted for the visitor so that they know what to do, and what order they should consume the pillar content that has already been created to get the result they are looking for.

  4. A Clear Call To Action - On your “Start Here” page you will also be able to help your brand new visitor understand what you want them to do next. Most of the time this involves showing them how to sign up for your newsletter, and why it would be valuable for them to do so.

  5. Other Important Information - You can provide new visitors other relevant information about your newsletter business that would add value to them. An example of this would be to share direct links to all of the newsletter business’s social media profiles that have been created for the business.

Think about this…

Have you ever visited a website for the very first time, and instantly said something to yourself like this…

“WOW, this is my new favorite website. I can’t believe how amazing this site is! Everything I need is here! I can’t wait to dig deeper into what this website provides. Ok…I’ll start by signing up for their email newsletter, it just makes sense!”

That is what you want your “Start Here” page to create for you and your business!

By investing the necessary amount of time to create an amazing “Start Here” page on the front end for your newest website visitors, it will help you grow your newsletter subscriber base faster and more effectively over the long run. This happens because of the experience your “Start Here” page delivers, and the trust it builds with every new potential newsletter subscriber.

Having a “Start Here” page is smart for you to create for your newsletter business website because it:

1. Creates A Great “First Visit” Experience - Your “Start Here” page is for all the “first time visitors” to your site. This page gives you the opportunity to get new visitors plugged into your site effectively, so they can get the maximum amount of value from you (in the shortest time possible) before they choose to subscribe to your newsletter.

Question For You: How many times have you gotten to a website, and didn’t know what the website owner wanted you to do so that you could get the most amount of value during your browsing experience?

2. Features Pillar Content Effectively - Your “Start Here” page will effectively feature all pillar content on your website, and build “Instant Trust” with new visitors who will most likely want to sign up for your newsletter. New visitors will also want to share your site with their friends over time because of the value that this one page delivers.

Question For You: How many websites over the years have you visited that took the time to actually “Guide Your Browsing” experience on their site in the best way possible so that you have the highest probability to get what you need?

3. Highlights Other Key Business Information - Your “Start Here” page will also highlight other key pieces of information about your newsletter business which will also inspire brand new visitors to quickly sign up for your newsletter without any hesitation or regret.

Question For You: How many websites made the effort to help you “know what you needed to know” about their business before giving you the opportunity to judge how they were adding value to the marketplace?

The bottom line is this…

A “Start Here” page on your website allows you to make the very best “first impression” in a quick efficient way, so that you can effectively achieve your newsletter business goals faster.

When someone comes to your “Start Here” page on your newsletter website for the very first time, they are most likely in an “information seeking” mode.


When your “Start Here” page is set up and optimized effectively to meet that new visitor exactly where they are (in their mind), and when you deliver an immense amount of value to them as quickly as possible (to meet them where they are), you have the ability to earn their trust and loyalty to your newsletter for life - which is something money simply cannot buy!

Whatever you do, DO NOT skip the important step of creating a “Start Here” page before you officially launch your newsletter into the marketplace. Put your head down, and do what it takes to get this done for your new visitors in the future. You won’t regret it, we promise.

The Way Your “Start Here” Page “Looks” Is Just As Important As The Content

How Should I Think About Formatting The “Start Here” Page That I Create For My Newsletter Business Website Before Launch Day?

Like with most things that you have read from us here on our website, it is always important for you to look at your “Start Here” page from the eyes of your future subscriber.

Think about these two questions:

What specifically would your future subscriber want to have on the start here page that will deliver the most amount of value to them?

What should you put on this page that would build instant trust with your newest visitor, and make them want to subscribe to your newsletter?


You will have to exercise your “empathy muscle” here, and really think about the experience you want to create for the brand new visitor who sees your “Start Here” page for the very first time.

Don’t forget that they are in an “information seeking” mode and “problem solving” frame of mind. This is key to create the best possible experience!

There is no one-size-fits-all template for you to follow, but if you need inspiration for your “Start Here” page, feel free to see what we have done on our The Pursuit Website by clicking “Start Here” in the navigation bar.

One last thing we want to share with you about formatting your “Start Here” page is to keep in mind that people will be consuming this page on their computers and mobile devices.

With that being said, make sure that the “Start Here” page looks the way you want it to look on both devices before you hit publish.

The last thing you want is to have a great experience for the visitor on the computer, but a horrible experience on a mobile device (especially now given how the Internet is growing and evolving the way it is every year).

Have Fun With Creating Your “Start Here” Page For Your Business!

What Else I Should Know About Building A “Start Here” Page When Using It To Grow My Newsletter Business?

Because we love making sure that you understand how we as The Pursuit Newsletter are thinking when it comes to building, growing and scaling a successful newsletter business, and because we believe so strongly in helping you create an effective “Start Here” page experience for your brand new visitors…

Here are the some specific pieces of information we want you to know about (and keep in mind) when it comes to building a valuable “Start Here” page experience for your brand new website visitors…

  1. Future Advertising Campaigns - Your “Start Here” page can be used in future advertising campaigns when approaching your market and growing your business. Make sure that the formatting of your “Start Here” page aligns with this marketing strategy before you start a new ad campaign driving traffic to your “Start Here” page.

  2. Social Media Marketing - Your “Start Here” page can be used effectively as a “pinned post” on your newsletter business’s social media accounts. Make sure that you take this key piece of information into account before you publish your “Start Here” page. Also, make sure that the formatting your choose for your page aligns best with this social media marketing strategy while knowing that a good chunk of traffic will be coming to your page from multiple social media channels.

  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Your “Start Here” page will be a great page on your site to build links to for SEO purposes, so you can effectively engage search engine traffic searching for what your newsletter business provides.

  4. Word Of Mouth (WOM) - Your “Start Here” page is always going to be a valuable place for friends in your network to send their contacts to when they want to help you market your newsletter business online.

  5. Modify This Page Over Time As Your Site Grows - Your “Start Here” page is also considered a “living breathing page” on your website. As you continually add more posts, and other pieces of content to your website over time, it will make sense in the future to update this “Start Here” page with more relevant links and info that would be valuable to new visitors and subscribers.

In the end…

As you launch your newsletter business into the marketplace, and as you take the time to rip through your website analytics on a weekly basis to see how people are responding to your “Start Here” page, you will eventually be able to create an effective “Start Here” page experience for brand new visitors over the long run that helps you accomplish every single one of your newsletter business goals quickly and effectively!

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