The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #7

Thursday, November 9, 2023

The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #7

Hello Fellow Newsletter Business Owner,

Welcome to The 7th Issue of The Pursuit Newsletter!

We hope you are having a great week, and are looking forward to today’s issue!

We have some exciting news to share…

Within the last two weeks we started publishing content on our YouTube channel.

We have big plans for the channel, and look forward to creating a valuable experience for you on that platform as a loyal subscriber to our newsletter.

As of right now…

Over the coming weeks, we will be adding more valuable pieces of content on the channel that will support you on your newsletter business building journey!

The Pursuit Newsletter Team

P.S. If you have a new idea about how to make this newsletter more valuable for you, please hit “reply” on this email and let us know! We are fully committed to helping you build a newsletter that thrives and want to hear your ideas.

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Table Of Contents For The Pursuit Newsletter Issue #7

1. Reminders For The Pursuit Newsletter Community

2. Rapid Fire Newsletter Business Building Tip

3. Question of The Day

4. Need More Subscribers? Read This Section!

5. Final Reminders From The Team

Section: Reminders For The Pursuit Newsletter Community

Below you will find specific reminders that will always be relevant for you to stay on top of as a new or current subscriber. This section will always be published in every issue of The Pursuit Newsletter.

Reminder #1: The First Four Newsletter Issues

Below are the direct links to the first four newsletters that we published.

The first four newsletter issues that we published create the powerful foundation that we know you need when building a newsletter business…regardless of where you are currently starting from.

Every single one of these newsletters will always be valuable and relevant to you on your journey.

If you haven’t already done so…

Make sure you open up, and go through each one of these issues on your own time when it makes sense for you to do so!

Reminder #2: Read This If You Are A Brand New Subscriber

If you are a brand new subscriber to The Pursuit Newsletter…

By taking the time to read this page (linked above), you will be provided with the solid foundation you need to get the most amount of value from our site, in the shortest time possible.

Reminder #3: Looking For A Previous Newsletter Issue?

If you are looking for a previous newsletter issue that we published, this is the link you need to click.

Yes…Every single newsletter we create is published on the homepage of our website, but sometimes it is difficult to find the one you are looking for. That is why we created this specific page for you and other loyal subscribers to get instant access to previous issues.

Reminder #4: Looking For A Previous Website Article?

If you are looking for a previous article that we published on our website, this is the link you need to click.

The first 16 articles that we published on our website were created before we launched our email newsletter. Every single one of these articles will add an immense amount of value to you as you start, build and grow your newsletter business into a success.

Reminder #5: Interested In Advertising With Us?

We know that you may not be an ideal advertiser for us, but we realize that you may know others who would be interested. Feel free to share this link with those who you believe would be a good fit as an advertiser for us.

Reminder #6: Have Feedback? Hit “Reply” On This Email

If you have any feedback whatsoever about our entire newsletter (or website), please hit reply or send us an email! We want to serve you to the best of our ability as a loyal subscriber of ours.

Section: Rapid Fire Newsletter Business Building Tip

Every week we will include one actionable newsletter business building tip in this section. This “Rapid Fire Tip” will always have a direct impact on your business. After you execute the idea, let us know what happened by replying to this email. We want to make sure that we are helping you grow with everything we produce and publish!

Tip: Create A YouTube Channel For Your Newsletter

If you haven’t created a YouTube channel for your newsletter yet…

You are absolutely missing out on an amazing traffic generation opportunity that will help you “grow your newsletter subscriber list” on autopilot, and help you “build amazing authority” in your niche.

There are so many ways you can create and position your YouTube channel to continuously drive targeted traffic to your newsletter’s sign up page 24/7.

In future website articles and newsletter issues that we publish…

We plan on creating step-by-step guides (and other detailed content) that is specifically tailored to helping you leverage this one strategy to its maximum potential with a YouTube channel.

In the past…

One Member of The Pursuit Newsletter team…

Created a successful YouTube channel that…

  1. Grew to over 20,000+ YouTube Subscribers 100% organically

  2. Grew to 20,000+ Subscribers in less than 3 years

  3. Had less than 21 videos published on the channel

  4. Was generating 50-77k+ views per month from all videos (the peak)

  5. Had one video that “owned” the FIRST RESULT for the main keyword

  6. Built an amazingly engaged opt-in email list from the video traffic

In the coming weeks and months…

This specific team member will be creating a series of content for you on our site and in our newsletter, that will help you maximize this marketing strategy for your newsletter business in the best way possible.

When you see the content that will be created in the near future, and how it will help you to effectively implement the strategy to grow your newsletter…

You will again be very happy that you signed up for our newsletter list 😃.

So with that being said…

If you check out the YouTube channel for The Pursuit Newsletter, you will see how we are beginning to use the platform to help us grow a traffic asset that helps us build our newsletter business 24/7.

Between now and the next issue of The Pursuit Newsletter being published on November 23, 2023 (Thanksgiving Day In The USA)…

Expect to see that our YouTube channel will have more than enough content created and optimized to help us grow and scale the entire platform for The Pursuit Newsletter in an amazing way.


It is possible to create a YouTube channel for your newsletter business that generates targeted traffic to your newsletter sign up page 24/7!

The key is knowing how to implement the proven strategies inside YouTube (for your newsletter business) to experience amazing results!

We hope you are ready to learn and implement everything that is coming in future newsletter issues (and website content) that we plan on publishing about this specific topic and strategy!

To Wrap Up This Section Of The Newsletter

When you step back and really think about how YouTube is owned by Google…

And how Google wants to put the right content…

In front of the right user…

At the right time…

That keeps them engaged for the longest time possible…

The “lightbulb” should go off for you sooner rather than later…

As soon as you allow your mind to put two and two together.

We will tell you this…

It is an amazing feeling as a newsletter business owner when you have a YouTube channel for your newsletter business that drives traffic into your sign up page 24/7 where people are signing up for your newsletter at all hours of the day!

Every day you wake up, and see new subscribers that have been added to your newsletter list, it creates motivation for you to keep going!

Stick with us, and we will show you how to make it happen!

Taking It One Step Further With This Entire YouTube Strategy

When your YouTube videos have the opportunity to show up in Google’s search results for the keywords that your newsletter is targeting…

That is when the real magic will happen for the growth of your newsletter business and subscriber list!

And just so you know…

The specific member of our team who experienced these amazing results with their YouTube channel in the past, knows how to make big things happen for you with your YouTube channel and newsletter.

Expect to see all the content from us (about this topic) to be published in the coming days, weeks, and months!

All content will be published on our website via “website content” articles, and there will be specific sections in our newsletter next time that address this specific strategy and tactic in greater detail.

Make sure you also invite people to subscribe to our newsletter that you know who need help implementing this specific strategy for their newsletter business if they are serious about growing.

People in your network are not going to want to miss out on what is coming!

Section: Question Of The Day

If you are inspired to answer the question of the day, hit reply on this email. As a team, we look forward to reading what you send us. If you don’t want us to publish your answer in a future issue, please let us know when you send us your reply.

Question Of The Day

What are your favorite types of newsletters to read, and what do you want to see on the sign up page (or website) before you choose to subscribe to an email newsletter?

Example Answer: “I love reading newsletters that keep me on top of a specific topic that is important to me (example: political news). Before signing up for any email newsletter via email, I make sure to check out previously created newsletters from the publisher to get a specific idea about the format of the newsletter that will be sent to me on a consistent basis!”

Section: Need More Subscribers? Read This Section!

Every week we will include one actionable tip, strategy or method that will directly impact the growth of your newsletter subscriber list. Helping you effectively grow your newsletter subscriber list is important to us, which is why we will always include this section in every single newsletter issue!

Execute This: Create A YouTube Video On Your Newsletter Business’s YouTube Channel That Invites People To Sign Up For Your Email Newsletter

To take everything that was covered in the “Rapid Fire Newsletter Business Building Tip,” and to take it to the next level…

Use this section right now as inspiration to create an effective video on your YouTube channel that gets people interested in signing up for your newsletter!

How Do I Create A Video Like This For My YouTube Channel?

Step #1 - Model What Works

Modeling what works is one of the best strategies you can implement as you execute specific things in your business to achieve your goals.

Action: Visit The Pursuit Newsletter YouTube channel to get inspiration for your video that encourages visitors to sign up for your newsletter. Write down what would make sense for you to implement in your video.

Step #2 - Figure Out How To Capture/Create The Video

Once you have an idea for what you want your video to look like (and the sequence of the video from beginning to end), then it is time to figure out how you want to capture/record the video to get the raw footage to edit and use.

Action: Explore the specific tools that are available for you to create, capture and edit the footage for your video. Make sure that you are clear about who will be watching your video, and the frame of mind you know they will be in once they come across your video that encourages them to sign up for your newsletter!

Step #3 - Create The Video Content For Your Video

This step is self explanatory.

Action: Do whatever needs to be done for you to capture and edit the content for your video in the most efficient way possible, so that you will have a video file that can be uploaded to your channel inside YouTube’s platform.

Step #4 - Create The YouTube Channel + Customize The Channel

This step is self explanatory.

Action: Do whatever needs to be done on your end for you to create and customize the YouTube channel that will be “the house” for all videos that you plan on uploading.

Step #5 - Upload Your Video To YouTube + Keyword Optimize It

This step is self explanatory

Action: Get the video uploaded into the YouTube channel for your newsletter business, and make sure that you create a title, description and tags that make sense for the video, so that it has the greatest chance to help you achieve your newsletter business goals.

Step #6 - Drive Traffic Through Video + Get Feedback To Grow Subscribers

This is the fun part!

Now you get to take the video that you uploaded into YouTube’s platform, and start driving traffic through it via multiple ways that are available to you.

The tactic(s) you choose to implement when driving traffic through your video is completely up to you.

Keep in mind that YouTube will send you organic traffic through their algorithm, depending on how well you keyword optimized the video when you first uploaded it to the platform.

Action: Take action with your video, and start creating results with it to help you build and grow your newsletter business.

At the end of the day…

Make sure you always keep your audience in mind, and where they are on their journey before they come across your newly uploaded video.

If you can create a video that meets them exactly where they are…

And you are able to build value for them in your video that inspires them to sign up for your newsletter…

You will love the results that you will get with this strategy that will help you build and grow your subscriber list as fast as you want to!

As you may or may not know…

There are multiple ways to build your subscriber list, and we hope that you found this section of our newsletter today to be valuable for your business no matter where you are currently starting from!

We are always committed to your future success, and look forward to seeing what you create with this strategy.

Please feel free to reply to this email newsletter issue with the video you create, to help you build and grow your newsletter subscriber list.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Section: Final Reminders From The Team

Every week, we will always close out our newsletter with the “final reminders” that we want to make sure you are aware of as a member of our community. The reminders in this section will change on a more frequent basis, and should never be “skipped over” due to the kind of content we plan on including in this section in the future.

Final Reminders For Newsletter Issue #7

Final Reminder #1: Thursday November 23, 2023 is when the next issue of The Pursuit Newsletter Will Be Sent - Make sure to set up a calendar reminder!

Final Reminder #2: We are still currently seeking a founding advertiser for The Pursuit Newsletter. This advertiser will get special privileges that won’t be given to any other advertiser in the future. Click Here, and scroll down to the “P.S. Section” at the bottom of the page for details.

Final Reminder #3: If you have any issues implementing or executing anything in our newsletter today, please let us know. We are here to help you create success.

Final Reminder #4: If you need a direct link to the previous issue of The Pursuit Newsletter click here.

Final Reminder #5: Again…if you are a brand new subscriber, and are just getting started in this business, make sure you click here to start your journey with us. You won’t regret it, we promise!

See You In The Next Issue,
The Pursuit Newsletter Team

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